Beard Gone – Theater Night – The Dude! Jeff Bridges

I wasted my whole morning changing my appearance. I haven’t done any of the work that I said I was going to do. And I don’t have enough time to do a top 10 of music right now, so that will have to wait until next week.

I uhh.. I got stuck writing an article. And once stuck, it’s very difficult to become unstuck. Many times I skip and go to the next one, then I completely forget about the one I was working on. This time I’m just stuck on everything. Good thing I have all week to work on it… right?! Kinda… Ahh time goes fast. The year is almost over. I have to pay rent and the stove/oven I bought and… money is gone.

Theater night yesterday wasn’t so bad. The play was like a cooking show/comedy stand-up monologue. It made me laugh, it was entertaining, it was a fun time (still, fuck theater though). Here are the pics I took in exchange of four IPAs (and some chilaquiles). The room was really dark, and I couldn’t flash and only have a 2.8f, so 6400 ISO and a lot of graininess.

Before theater, I had a really good fucking deep-fried oyster po’ boy sandwich by Voodoo Stu’s Gumbo Shack.

Also, moon looked cool with the church there.

————————- Jeff Bridges

The dude!

I’ll never have an awesome beard as the dude! Or will I ever be as awesome…

Man… thinking about the dude and how lazy the dude is, makes me want to drink a White Russian right now… I should go bowling tonight. I haven’t gone bowling in a long long ass time. I actually don’t know any good places to bowl in Tijuana…

And the Dude is a nice dude! To be honest, I don’t remember the photoshoot at all. And I didn’t bother to go through my hard-drive to see if I had more of the Dude. I don’t remember, but I might have some more. I think I saw him a bunch because of the Tron movie he was flying out a lot…

Pictures are from December 7th, 2010.

Coming out of Tom Bradley international terminal.


Smiling to the wall of paparazzi.

mat_7270 mat_7278

Posing with a random fan.


Even posing with the paparazzi.


Fuck.. that was my chance to pose with The Dude. Maybe I did?! And someone took a picture…. but never sent it to me. I for sure didn’t send this picture to them. I don’t even remember this paparazzi dude. His face looks a tad familiar, but don’t remember his name or who he worked for…

I hope they find these pictures. Maybe I’ll post them on reddit to see if someone finds him.

Anyway… I’m hungry. And you guessed it. I’m going to have more Korean tacos. The ones I’m missing. Let’s hope my brain resolves wtf I’m going to do with this article. Need to send a bunch of emails soon as well… Ahhh.. right now all I want to do is photogigs that pay. I should concentrate on photogigs that pay!!!!

Oh. For shaved me, tomorrow, or check out my IG.


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