Money, Money, Money – 2016, Music Forgotten – I Hate Theater

Oh. Look. I made some decent money this bi-week and the payment just came in.

It’s stupid that I get excited by so little money. But it’s more than I have made most of the year. I can pay rent comfortably. I can go out to eat comfortably. I bought a stove/oven from a friend two weeks ago and I can pay him comfortably. And I can maybe spend a good $200-300 on x-mas presents or shit for myself. And then I’ll be back to broke.

Unless I work tons this next week. Doesn’t even have to be tons. I have one story partly finished. Two brewing in my head. And some more work. And if I finish all of that work, then I can perhaps treat myself.

Or most likely save money.

So I need to make way more money that I am making because I want to buy a bunch of stuff. It sounds so ridiculously materialistic, but the stuff I want to buy is just so I can work more, so I can make more money, so I can buy more stuff, that improves my work, so I can keep buying stuff, to keep on working! See! It’s just because I want to work.

First thing… iPhone. I might get an iPhone 4 from my brother. But I might buy a 5 or a 6. A 7 would be nice, but that’s too much money. Though it would improve work a lot. I do a lot of work on my iPad, but I don’t always want to carry that fucker (and it’s so broken), so an iPhone would help me with work. See! It’s not because I just want a pretty iPhone. I mostly want it because better camera, better recorder, and I can take notes.

Second thing… Plane ticket to central Mexico. Or how they call it Tijuana “el Sur.” I haven’t been back home in over 5 years. I haven’t seen Mexico City or Guadalajara in a long time. Family comes visit to Tj, but I haven’t gone since I moved to Tijuana. Spending two weeks out of Tijuana would be awesome. It would be a vacation, but it would also be work. Travel writing is what I want to do the most. So that would be perfect. Except it barely pays. But yeah. If I went back for a while, I would be doing a lot of work as well.

Third thing… Okay. This one is purely materialistic and it’s because I’m a nerd. PS4. The new MvC will come out sometime next year and it would be nice to have that and SFV. But I don’t really need a PS4, and I can’t afford.

Fourth thing… sorta materialistic and not work related. New tattoos. I have more than a few in my mind and it also has been forever since I get inked. People wonder how much my arm cost. It was over $1,250. I paid that comfortably (in 6 different sessions). If I had money, I would already have way more tattoos.

Fifth and many more other things… more camera gear, lenses, equipment, strobes (Alien Bees probably), and a lot of other stuff. See. This is a lot of money.

Sixth. Is not existent. I want more music gear, but 2016 is the year that music has been forgotten. So much drama for 2016 in general. And for me, what pains me the most, and at the same time I don’t care much, is that I DIDNT PLAY GUITAR THE WHOLE YEAR. I mean… I played some. But nothing compared to what I have for the past 17 years of my life. I used to play daily. Hours daily. Facebook likes to remind me of that. Learning La Catedral took me almost 3 months… and I didnt finish it.

This is me playing Part 1. Part 1 probably took me like 10 days to learn. This is 4 years ago.

Last year around this time, I did a top 10 music of the year. I will do that again tomorrow. And do more work.

I ate Korean tacos again yesterday. Marlin was real good and is on the top 3 from their menu for me now.

I’m missing two now, the chicharrón and the octopus.

Now it’s Sunday, and back to NFL. A friend asked me to take pictures of a thing she is doing today. So NFL then I gotta go with my camera to where I’m usually not at all in Tijuana. Preppy land Tijuana. Bleh. And for theater. I hate fucking THEATER. But oh well.. a friend asked for a favor and she will feed me and give me beer, can’t say no.

More and more friends are asking me for pictures. I’m not charging at the moment, but they all offer me something. Beers and food are good for me. Apparently I might even have a lingerie shot soonish. That would be newish to me. Let’s see how all that shit goes. And the more portfolio I build, the more photogigs I will have. Which is something I should TRULY pursue for more money! There’s tons of photographers everywhere now, but they are all so shite, and make so much more money than me…

Ok. Packers vs SeaHawks. Game sounds amazing and I’m missing it. Later my own webpage!

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