Pizza Time – Don’t Disrespect Colbert – I Hate Everything

I’m not emo.

Well maybe I am a bit.

But I’m hating everyone and everything. Not sure why. Just feels like that. Whisky might fix that.

It doesn’t feel like a Friday either. Feels like a Wednesday. And I’ll treat it as such. I have some work to finish and I’m still avoiding the fuck out of it. I woke up early and have done nothing but keep reading about Trump and what the supporters say.

And are you fucking kidding me!? They are going after Stephen Colbert!?

Man those fuckers are insane. They believe everything and anything that fits their rhetoric but destroy anything that doesn’t. Are you people fucking surprised that Colbert gives 0 fucks about Trump? How stupid can you be? Trump is the epitome of everything that he dislikes and has made fun of for his whole career. And now they call him a puppet from the left? No dudes… he is just the same fucking Stephen Colbert. The same that he has always been. Fucking hilarious and making fun of the right media.

I feel like some of these fuckers never got that Colbert played an alt-right character sarcastically. In a way, he still does.

Ahh fuck it. I shouldn’t get into more political rants. But the stupidity of some people still awes me…

Speaking of people and their stupidity. I’m fucking hating everything. Everyone is a piece of shit. Well not absolutely everyone, but many of you. The worst ones are those fucking artists who think they are artists. Photographers, musicians, poets, and others who think their doing something important in the world. You are not. No one gives a fuck about you. Just like no one gives a fuck about me. We are all literally dying.

I keep reading people using the word literally and not mean literally. Someone posted a joke and a comment read “I’m literally dying” – emoticon of crying face. I was about to comment, no you are fucking not. But she is. We all are. Slowly dying. That’s what living is. Dying. Sounds fucking emo, but I don’t mean it like that.

I just really hate those people who truly believe they are some important artist of some kind, and there’s a shit ton of those.


Two weeks ago I had shit tons of pizza and wrote three articles about it. They look funny back to back. I’m done with pizza. Here is my latest (or click on image).


I liked all the pizza articles, the editor not so much. So I got to be more careful when writing about food. Be more descriptive instead of being like YAY FOOD YUM!


I need to grow-up. And do some work. I’ll be out and about with my camera today. Have two targets to cover. One that I was going to do yesterday but didn’t feel like working at all, so I did nothing yesterday. Today I got paid! And it’s the most I’ve gotten in a while. SO LET’S KEEP IT LIKE THAT! I should be getting paid similar to that every two weeks, but shit that is hard. My plans to branch out are still in place, but first give my best to who feeds me the most. Grow up as a freelance I must. Talk like Yoda I shouldn’t.

Ok fuck it.

Now I’m just word-vomiting. Like always. Because it’s fun.

Tippy taps taps on the keyboard I go. Tiny Apple keyboard that I love that makes me type faster than 100 wpm. Shouldn’t I get a job as a secretary or some shit? A job like that would be fun! Bilingual fast typer male secretary with a beard! As long as it’s a bit over minimum wage and it gives me full time, I’m game! But nope. It seems like I was born into the freelance game and I should just learn how to navigate that fucker instead of trying to satisfy myself with a shitty job.


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