Still Sick – The Year of No Guitar – WordPress Update

This week is not going at all as I would like.

I’m still sick. Probably worse.

I woke up around 4 am feeling like shit and couldn’t go back to bed. I watched Rick & Morty for more than a couple of hours until I forced myself back to bed.

I feel weak and cold. The coughing is one, but now my nose keeps running. An actual cold and it sucks. Body aches. My back doesn’t hurt as bad as it did on Sunday, but my legs are still sore. I didn’t even run that much. I did sprint full speed more than a few times and I’m probably getting way too old to be sprinting like that.

I don’t know if the cold shower made it worse. It didn’t feel that bad when I showered. I actually felt like I was cleaning my illness away. A few hours after the shower I fell worse and just stayed in the couch. Watched LOTR for the millionth time. Didn’t work. Still not working.

This was three years ago today.

Video is really dark. But it’s Bohemian Rhapsody complete. For some reason, near the end, it just goes mute. But it’s probably my best recorded version of that song. I can’t play it anymore. When I try I forget a lot of the parts. To play it again, it would take me weeks, maybe months of practicing, to get it back to where it was.

This year I barely played guitar.

And every time I pick it up I get pissed. All the songs I knew left me. I still know some. But shit has my skills have gone way down. Seriously. Throughout the whole year I probably played 10 hours worth. 10 hours is what I used to play a week. And I don’t feel like picking it up. There’s not much money in guitar playing and the passion is not there. Not even for my math rock experiments. I don’t play electric guitar much either. is now

For the longest time it was

Which was a bit confusing since I pay for the $18 a year to get rid of the wordpress domain. I’m fucking dumb. You have to go through your purchases and simply “confirm” you want to change the address to eliminate the wordpress part. So now there’s no wordpress in

That’s the wordpress update. I can still make the website prettier but sick.

I need to work on a story. I really need to the transcriptions today and send this before the week ends.

Tomorrow a story I sent back in September will finally get published. The week after, I will have to write more on the subject. Much to update. Story at least is still relevant. Let’s see how it gets received.

These are pigeons outside my balcony. I fucking hate them. They poop in my balcony. They live right under it. I wish those fuckers weren’t around.


Still sick.

I want to go back to my bed because I’m cold. But I haven’t had any food today. I shall get some chicken soup or shit like that. You know. Home remedies 101. I tried some tea yesterday. And I’ve been drinking a lot of water. Still feel like shit. Hopefully this is the last day. I feel so worthless right now…


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