Reddit Meet Success! – Great Saturday, NFL Lazy Sunday – Fergie, LiLo, Paris

Saturday was great.

After doing work, sending emails, and other stuff, I headed to the border to meetup with Reddit people. Reddit people. Reddit people. You never know what to expect with Reddit people.

First guy was there before me. Brett was his name. He was cool. Basically what I expected. Someone around my age with similar interests, a good job, and hoping to have fun on a Saturday. I hung out with him for around 20 minutes waiting… waiting…

Teenager with a backpack approaches.

Crazy homeless guy approaches.

Incredibly big and dirty guy with a gut hanging out approaches.


Teenager wanted me to buy him beer. I suspect he was a cop. He approached me with such a confidence that I feel like he was trying to get people in trouble.

Homeless guy asked for a quarter.

Incredibly big guy was just taking pictures. If he was a redditor, I don’t mind, I’m open minded. Just a tad concerned because it was a walking tour.

Nope. It took a while. But a girl showed up. She actually crossed the border often, but didn’t know much of the city. And then little by little, more and more people started showing up. We formed a big strangers of the internet Reddit circle with timid chit-chat. Waited for 4 people who were late. One of them was redditor friend and photographer with his girlfriend (and a friend). The other two were a cool couple.

Finally! Just a couple minutes late, but the meet-up/tour began!

Andy’s pics describe it best. Incredibly thankful not only for his pics, but because he is a natural entertainer and tour guide that he helped a lot with the large group (it was 14 of us total). I didn’t get to talk a lot to each and everyone, or remember everyone’s names, and I am sorry for that. From the brief moment I talked to everyone, they were all cool. A very varied group as well! Overall, it was a really fun time! It seems like people want another one, and I will organize another one, probably until January. Andy is down and he is of great help, so that makes it even easier/better.

The tour ended up at Teorema/Lúdica Co-Tasting Room, where /r/Tijuana showed up. Well, only a few from /r/Tijuana. Hopefully next meet-up more of /r/Tijuana can come. I hung out with the other redditors until a bit past 11 pm and I realized I was way too tired. Passed out before midnight.

I had an incredibly lazy Sunday. I woke up before 6 am for some reason. My roommate arrived at a few minutes past dawn.  We played drunk and coffee MarioKart before he ordered two large Domino’s pizzas and passed out. Then I watched NFL all day.

Yes. I practically did nothing yesterday. Didn’t even turn my computer on. But Saturday… well Saturday was great. I didn’t even noticed I got published! Yep, I went out with the family for food and I decided to write an article.

Monday Celebrity Blog DAY!!!!

Also, tons of work day. Thanksgiving soon and friends from LA might come visit. And if so, I need to have a clear schedule. I have some articles to finish, and a bunch of emails to send.

Weather finally has turned into cold. It was raining yesterday. It might rain today. More coffee and more work. Time to fatten up for the winter. Roommate just walked out the door for the week. Solo again!

———————- Lindsay Lohan, Fergie, Paris Hilton

I have already posted about Lindsay Lohan.

Paris Hilton I posted about her forever ago because she was really a common sight.

I haven’t posted about Fergie, but I love Fergie, so someday soon I will.

I chose those three, because apparently they were the last celebrities I saw on my last day as a paparazzo on April 7, 2011. Or somewhere around that date. I remember shooting Justin Timberlake on May. And some others as well.

Last Saturday I had to go through my old CF cards to make space for a video gig I was hired, that’s when I realized what was there. The last things on my CF card are them. At LAX obviously. I also have pictures from my road trip, but only Minnesota, Seattle, and Vancouver. I didn’t take many pics because I was divorcing the camera. I only took a lot of flip video. Which is horrible. But some of it is posted on my YouTube.

Lindasy Lohan was first.

She was flying back from London. So everyone and their goddamn mothers knew she was about to come out. There were probably over 100 damn photographers swarming the airport. I got the first shot. Not the best, but definitely the first. I also got this cool looking shot that I really like.


Paris Hilton followed with her family. She was an EXTREMELY easy shoot like always. So there’s more than just one picture.


Easy piecey


Photog in the background is one of the best photographers I know.


Papa Hilton was always a nice guy.


Same with Mama Hilton and Paris. Nicky was the one that sometimes was a pain.

Then Fergie. Who is usually sweet as pie. But not with confronted with a wall of photographers. Only one shitty picture of her survives from that night. I will post later about when I followed her to Playa del Carmen.


Then there’s a few pics of my road trip. Mostly Vancouver and just a bit of Seattle. I carried a Nikon 700 with a 100-400mm/4f. Not the best lens/body to casually stroll around the world taking pictures…


I was in Vancouver with couchsurfers. Those are Germans taking a picture :P


That’s the only Seattle pic I have. I stayed with an awesome couchsurfer who invited me to his grad party. This was part of their home. I remember how vivid the colors in Seattle are. And they had one of the nicest homes. That couchsurfer host was awesome and probably one of my favorite people that I hung out with in my whole trip.

Ok. It’s work time. And it’s cold out! Let’s do this!!!!

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