Pepe Nacho Story Sent – Cross Border Redditor Meeting Soon

Welp! I did it again.

I pitched a story for the news section which limits me to less than 1,000 words (should be less than 800 or 500 normally). But… I wrote 2,300+ words.

Sent it this morning to the editor that had no idea about the story, but that handles the larger sections (and the larger pay). But also takes forever to reply and it makes me anxious. By now, I am getting used to it. And I keep saying it, I wish I had more gigs.

The story is about Pepe Nacho, the vagabond clown newspaper salesman. I spent a good hour with him, interviewed him, and just talked. He is a zany character for sure. Let’s hope the story gets picked up. It has no time limit, so it can ran at any time. This means I might have to wait weeks, alas, months! for it to come out.

Hah. I like throwing the word alas when I can. When I read LOTR I didn’t know what alas meant, and I thought it was although. Sad. Now when I use it correctly I give myself an imaginary pat in the back.

Anyway, here’s the short version of the story of Pepe Nacho with images.

This is Pepe Nacho rambling and then finally singing Guadalajara by Pepe Guízar:

Let us hope that the story gets picked up. I had fun writing it. I read it and it’s entertaining. But the few who have read gave it mixed reviews.

And with that I conclude my work week. Writing here makes me see that I did not work as much as my brain thinks I did. I still have to finish two reviews which I already have the material for. But done for the week. It’s weekend time and I have a Redditor meeting coming up.

I have to cross the border in 2 hours and meet up with a bunch of internet strangers to cross them over the border for a day of Tijuana walking and drinking. I never know what to expect with redditors, but there’s no turning back.


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