Reddit Gold, Reddit Meeting, Much Delicious Karma mmm Yes – Stack of Covers


I grabbed a big stack of covers. I’m not really sure what for. It is nice to see the cover outside 7-elevens and such, but it is also fruitless. I wanna be like “hey! look, that’s my picture,” but people would just be like… “uhh so?”

Yesterday in San Diego was great though. I haven’t been to Pizzeria Luigi in years and it is one of my favorite pizzerias ever. Two slices of pizza and a craft beer for $9.50, fucking great deal. After that I had an oreo cheesecake desert from Krakatoa with a pint of Modern Times Black House coffee stout. Fucking delicious.

Back to Luigi’s for one more beer. Then back to Tijuana, hitching a ride with my hilarious neighbor David. Except traffic was a bitch that it took forever and I felt bad for hitching a ride. And the day turned into an okay night of drinking and Mariokarting.

The cover excitement is leaving me. But that the Imgur gallery is receiving much love that is highly appreciate it. I cross-posted the album in four different subreddits and I got much karma.


I haven’t even checked out my benefits of gold. But I will. I have a lot of work to finish before tomorrow. Before hopefully Monday… before next week. Next week is Thanksgiving and I have friends visiting. I won’t be able to get much work done.

The album that got me gold and that I keep whoring for karma (and again, because is one of my favorite jobs I have ever done).

Ok. Got distracted with one of the gold functions… which is personalize the avatar. Here’s my snoovatar.


Tomorrow at 3 pm I’m also doing a redditor meetup free Tijuana tour. Around 12 people are confirmed and like 7 maybes. I got a shit ton of messages and it is hard to keep track on reddit. Which reminds me, I got to go back and check what messages I haven’t replied too. BUT!

I also have to work. I have the material for two food reviews now and the story of Pepe Nacho. This is what I am procrastinating. I have a lot of material for that. And it’s a great story. I already did the most painful part. I have been meditating how to start this shit, but it hasn’t come to me. I have to though. I need to finish it today and hopefully send it tomorrow morning. That way I’ll steer clear from being broke next week.

Of course I’m just going to be distracted with Reddit a lot, but one does not survive of karma alone.


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