Drinking, Sleeping, Waking Up Early – Reddit Addiction – Physical Cover Today

Yesterday was a very productive day. Besides the cover coming out, I got a lot of material from Pepe Nacho and I have an awesome way to write the story brewing in my mind. I guess my brain is like a brewery, it takes beer and ideas come up. Then I wake up early, very inspired, and… I get distracted by Reddit and all my inspiration, motivation, and attention go to replying to comments. The itch to get to the front page and get more karma gets real. It is an addiction.

The Jacumba album was very well received in /r/SanDiego with 335 points and 95% upvotes (so far). I’m almost breaking 20,000 link karma and 10,000 comment karma. I wish karma = money. In a way, I feel like at the end it does. I tried putting the Jacumba album in other subs, but not as much luck as San Diego.

And of course there is /r/Tijuana. Where I mod. And I am not really sure how to Mod, but I try to do a good job. More than anything, I type shit tons of stuff. And in this post, someone was asking for tacos. Since that question gets asked often, made a sticky post, and wrote a huge ass comment with links… It took me a while.


Esto ya se ha preguntado antes, lo hice sticky post para que comenten todos, tengamos una buena lista y luego se vaya al sidebar.

Repuestas anteriores: [1] – [2].

Ahí te van los mios con muchas fotos.

Tacos de Satabu \(Telefonica\)
Tacos Enchilados de Los Compadres \(Parque Teniente\)](

Aquí un album completo con muchisimos tacos. – Tito’s, Taconazo, Tacos Polo, Taqueria Franc, Tacos Aaron, Tacos Varios de Tupidos, Tacos de Birria de la Calle 3ra (Los Primos), Tacos Coahuila (por el HK).

Los que han salido en el San Diego Reader:

Kokopelli, que ahora se llama Tras / Horizonte
Alga Bien en Playas.
Los Compadres que son mis favoritos.
Classic Taquerias. (Franc, Taconazo, Titos, Polo Sur y Aaron)
Tacos Veganos del Veggies Are Us.
Birria de Chivo Los Primos.
La Cevicheria Nais.
El Porkon.
Tacos de Marlin en medio de la nada.
Y uno extra.

That comment made me realize I have been writing for the Reader longer than I thought. I have covered a lot of ground and restaurants. Writing about food has become easier the more I do it. Writing in the blog daily has become way easier since it’s FUCKING DAILY. But of course this is a silly blog that I use as an everyday writing exercise. I should stop. I have shit to do today.

Yesterday besides collecting a lot of the material, I also did the transcription, which is always the most painful thing about writing an article. I also finished an article I started on Tuesday and I’m giving it’s final touches right after this. Then after that, I’m going to San Diego to grab a bunch of Readers because ITS MY FUCKING COVER. And I want a bunch of them :D

I haven’t even read it. I read the original draft. I know it got changed a lot. I just read a bit on the website, but I rather read it in the magazine. So I should finish some work. Breakfast, work-out, shower, cross the border, grab a bunch of magazines, kick it in San Diego for a while, and come back.

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