Tijuana Never Disappoints – Shooting Video for Cash – Marisa Tomei

A friend from central Mexico said that “Tijuana nunca decepciona.” She’s been here for a few months and she is always amazed in how any night in Tijuana can turn into a crazy party. Tijuana never disappoints. There is always something to do. Something to see… eat.. drink… meet… listen….

Often I walk the streets and think to myself “Shit. This is by far the most diverse city I’ve been living.” Now with the Haitians everywhere, it added more diversity than before. Dozens of Haitians live in the apartments behind the church right next to me. They are here to stay.

Tijuana never disappoints.

This Saturday was no exception.

New music festival that seem to have sprung out of nowhere was fantastic. Named Reynmov, it materialized with a gamma of sponsors, and the main one, Rouge 2020.

A friend that specialized in video lost her second shooter. I never do video. I did back in the paparazzi days, but with a flip cam or a steadycam. dSLRs that shot video were a novelty when I was leaving. Canon 5D video was miraculous. Now every dSLR shoots video like its nothing.

So my experience with video is very limited. But I have a monopod and a nice camera. How hard can it be?

As of now, I am still not sure how well my videos fare. Not sure what material she will be using in her edit. But from what I gather, I shot some interesting stuff. Hoping its good enough to be used a lot.

This is an extra video of a dude dancing when I went to go get a beer at the corner store.

The rest of the material will have to wait until Mayra is done with the edit. Speaking of which, I have to go to the beach to deliver the material. I also gotta do laundry. I fucking hate laundry.

Also, out of context. But I haven’t been paid :(

Going back to Saturday night. I recorded 34 short videos of 20 different bands/artists. I wish I did more stills, because I enjoy it more, plus I don’t have to carry a monopod, and an 8 gig CF card is enough. NOPE. For video I was switching between CF cards, and I don’t have a large one. There’s no light painting stuff that I love. It’s more like stay still and record. Get an angle. Record. More about framing, and staying in that frame. If you chose the wrong framing, then you have a shit video and you got to start again. Or at least that’s how it felt to me. A stabilizer would have helped a lot.

I took a few stills. Rancho Shampoo stills look almost the same as the last show I saw of him. So didn’t publish that. Pucha Lucha, a band I heard off but never seen was great. With the silly name I thought they were going to eat shit. But silly name = silly band. Yep. They are a joke band singing songs like “Spongebob” or “Pin Pon es un Muñeco.” They are a party band. And I liked it.

But I ran out of space on my CF cards. My phone was dying. And I ran out of energy. It was best to go call an Uber and go home than to keep exploiting the night, carrying a camera. I got home at around 1 a.m.

Completely overdid the light painting on that one.

Because I grabbed my old CF cards… I get to see what was in them. One card contained my last ever paparazzi night. The other contained travels of Seattle and Vancouver. I took my camera everywhere, but I didn’t take pictures of anything except Seattle and Vancouver.

That’s me in Vancouver in 2011. Lol. Lip ring.

Those jeans were really nice. I got them for free. The brand of the jeans saw my pictures of Bradley Cooper and apparently he was wearing those jeans. The office got a bunch of free jeans for the picture. The office loved me that day. Those jeans are fucking expensive (mine were $230). Shit… my jeans were worth more than what I make in a week. That just depressed me a tad.

Sunday was Sunday.

I was lazy. I watched NFL. I went to eat Voodoo Stu’s (fried catfish). I went to Nelson for a beer. Talked to Mario of San Pedro el Cortez for a while. Clear things up. Hopefully he remembers. Watched the Patriots lose. But that was the only good thing (and that the Chargers lost) the rest of the games didn’t go the way I wanted. Vikings and 49ers lost. 49ers are basically done. Vikings need to make a comeback. I don’t want shitty Cowboys to win this year’s Super Bowl…

Now Monday is being Monday.

My days have been off since Pelón came to visit on Monday/Tuesday and we partied like it was the weekend. Since then, all my days have been feeling off. But it finally seems to come back to normal.

I have a busy week. Stories I pitch have to be completed before the week is over.

Hah! Check it out! A blog post that doesn’t include any politics. Fuck am I tired with politics, but at the same time addicted. I should prepare some breakfast and watch Colbert Report. Yes. I mean Late Show. I’m so glad that it is still basically the Colbert Report.

————————- Marisa Tomei

I googled Marisa Tomei LAX, the 7th result is my picture. A lot of celebrities + LAX, there most likely is a picture by me. Still somewhat google relevant after so many years. Anyway, I was talking to the bartender at Nelson, and I forgot why the conversation swerve to Marisa Tomei (amongst other celebrities), but Tomei got stuck in my head.

I remember shooting her. It was average. She was neither nice nor rude. Her handler was the main problem. A dude we nicknamed Crazy Guy. He was always fucking with the paps doing the wrong things, which we found hilarious. Funny thing once… I didn’t have her on my list, but I went to part at LAX and saw a white car (I think BMW or a Benz) that had vanity plates that read M-TOMEI.

Hah! Just found the car. I wasn’t wrong. It was Highlander. She probably doesn’t drive that anymore. Plates were also the other way around. T MARISA. And yes. I have a folder with tons of pics with celebrity cars. That’s how you found those fuckers.


The first pic I have in my hard-drive is actually the pic I found in Google. Funny.

November 23, 2008. That’s crazy guy next to her trying to use a flashlight to somehow corrupt the picture? He did this often. He thought that his flashlight ruined the pictures. I showed him it didn’t work once. He said “If it doesn’t work, you wouldn’t tell me to stop doing it.” It didn’t work dude. I was just trying to be nice you fucktard.

I saw her in February 2nd 2009. I don’t remember the pics. But I do remember crazy guy pulling his umbrella stunt a couple of times. It also didn’t work, because guess what?! Blocking your view with an umbrella makes you not know where you are going and you trip and fall all over your stupid dumb fucking umbrella. He didn’t pull this trick often.

feb-2-2009 feb-2

Next on file are pictures from January 21, 2010. I remember that day because it was a big deal she was flying out with her new boyfriend. Pics came out pretty shitty :(



February 13, 2010. A few weeks later arriving with the boyfriend. No crazy guy that time.



And finally, March 21, 2010. No crazy guy here either. Her representative (airport assistant) was a dude we called The Mummy. Dude looked like an Egyptian ghost. He was an okay guy. I wonder if he ever found out we called him that.


I also remember those pictures sold because of the huge package she was holding. Which remained a mystery.

And those were my times with Marisa Tomei. If I keep posting a celebrity every Monday for the next 10 years… I would have 575+ celebrities posted. Which makes my theory that I shot over a 1,000 different celebs correct. I have never bothered to count. So far it’s been more than 100 and I don’t seem to ever run out.

Now it’s time to go to the beach. Relax a bit. Write some other stuff. Do my laundry. Deliver material. Get ready for tomorrow.

Oh yeah. Super tonight! I’m going to try to get something cool. Let’s see how it goes.




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