Trump Supporter in Tijuana – Reddit Meetup Next Saturday – Sigh

It’s dark by 5 pm.

Which means my organic clock wants to drink earlier. Burgers, beer, tacos. That seems to be my diet.

Yesterday was good, though slow. This morning is even slower.

I went to Colectivo 9 for a burger and beer. A beer turned into beers because pretty girl was there. Pretty girl left. And I went to the classic, Bar Nelson.

I sat comfortably in the bar with my lonely caguama, thinking of my next move. Pondering. Like I like to do. Just myself, my thoughts, and odd surroundings. That’s when a white dude with a Chargers jersey came over and started talking to me about Trump.


It makes no sense. Oh yeah! Let’s build a wall to get all the Mexicans out… but me visiting Mexico and fucking their women is fine. That is basically that dude’s train of thought. Because shortly after spewing Trump support with blatantly ignorant statements, he said he was waiting for his girlfriend. His girlfiend? A Mexican whore.

I tried to ignore him. But he kept coming back at me and explaining why Trump was the right choice. I don’t like getting into silly arguments with stupid people. So I just nodded and semi-agreed with him. “Sure buddy” was my way of seeing this shit. After all, he was a burly sack of white American balding piece of shit.

And my feed.

Ohhh my feed.

And the whole internet.

I wished after the elections it was all over. But nope. Shit has to happen and continue to happen. Dude is not even in office yet.

There’s protests going on now. And those who voted for Trump are like “cry babies that lost.”

Think about it.


Trump said he wouldn’t even accept losing. Trump already had protests ready if he lost. What do you think it was going to happen? He was going to humbly accept him losing? Nope. He would have incited riots, and violent protests. Way worse than what is happening now.

How did no one saw this shit coming? I can’t fathom.

Protests aren’t going to do shit though. It is actually just going to fuel more Trump fandom. Trump (and his supporters) feed on hate. And there you go. Feeding them more and more.

So what can we do to ensure that this is not the end of the world? Let it play out. Don’t feed him more hate.

You can tell he has no idea what the fuck he is going to do now that he actually won. It was never his plan to win. Shit is going to be so controversial motherfucker will get impeached on his first year. And yes. He will take Pence with him during his impeachment. He has the most powerful position in the world, but it’s not like wielding magical power to do whatever the fuck he wants. The House and the Senate are both Republican, but many Republicans did not aligned themselves with Trump. They didn’t before the election, they won’t with him as president (or at least I hope).

Will it be a shitshow?

Yes. Most likely everything is going to be a shitshow.

What happens next?

Hopefully Bernie.

Was I undecided on the election?

Yep. Hillary was not the right choice at all. Trump = crash and burn. It’s going to be ugly. But it’s going to be quick. Even if he lasts the whole 4 years… re-election is without a doubt, not possible. So in a way, Trump was a bit good. How about that for a shitty silver lining?


I made a Reddit meetup/free Tijuana tour for November 19th. Here’s the link.

Yep. I’m Reddit obsessed and read every article on the front page then read all the comments. I post OC with the hopes of OC making it to the frontpage. I know I am shadow banned from /r/food which sucks. That was my ticket. /r/food, fuck you for shadow banning my main account. I post with the alt and get shit tons of upvotes. I’m a good redditor you dumbfuckers.

Ok. Now back to routine. Done with my morning coffee and Bisho cuddles. Now I need sustenance in form of a birria taco. Then coming back to perhaps work… ? Yeah. I should work. I barely made money this past two weeks. Shit. I’m broke again.

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