In the Wrong Dimension – Let’s Get Political – Trump


Yesterday was a great day.

I woke up to start working (kinda like today and everyday). Mornings are good for me. I finished and sent an article. It got published right away. Here it is! Shrek de Tijuana.

Besides that, I got an email from the US consulate because apparently they want my opinion on Tijuana tourism, not sure what this means.

And also a message from the BBC that they were going to be in my favorite bar to record the elections and reactions in Mexico.

I was in the wrong bar. We are in the wrong dimension.

Well… more like they were in the wrong bar. Didn’t realize this until I was leaving the bar with my friend Willy and I had already made my mind that the BBC didn’t show up and I was going to bed. When I saw them, they also seemed way to busy to just jump in the middle of it.

I started my night in Norte. Where else? This is where it started dawning on everyone that Trump might win. I was still incredulous. The election was far from over. There was no chance that Trump was going to win it. After all, Florida seemed to be leaning for Hilary.

Suddenly. It all started turning red. Went to Nelson’s because of BBC.

There was no one there. The election still on.

Is this really happening?

I still not sure if it happened as it still seems like a dream.

Marihuana is legal, Trump is president.

WTF is going on?

More importantly. WTF will go on!?

Border crossers have it tough. Border patrol heavily supported the buffoon with the orange hair and face. I get it though. Hilary was a horrible choice. It was between choosing the slow death or just shoot yourself right on the face. America shot itself on the face.

They fucking truly believe that.

Ignorance has triumph.

And it feels great.

Blissful fucking ignorance.

They fucking embrace it.

Fuck it!

I thought I had way more interesting shit to say. I don’t.

I’ve been scare for my future for a while. No job and all. Student loans pressuring me. And now I have to worry about the fucking idiot that is going to be taking over the White House?!

It’s still to surreal.

I’m on an acid trip.

This can’t be real.

2016 is a twisted shitnado.

You know what you get when two shit-tectonic plates collide?


Life moves on, I guess.

And there’s still plenty of alcohol in the world. And now marihuana is legal.

I am really really confused. But fuck it. The world is going to get much more interesting than it already was. And I will be here to dick around and see what happens. Write silly shit in this silly blog in this silly life.




Now that I wasted my time (and perhaps yours) in this stupid shit. I should get some breakfast and get to work. Life moves on. And I still need money.


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