My Arm Hurts – Pay Request – Election Night

My arm hurts :(

Time to pseudo-show-off.

I’ve been doing 100+ push-ups a day. Which apparently can be really bad. Because yesterday I did over 150 and now my arm is killing me. It might have been that.. or maybe is because I slept on it crooked. Point is.. my arm is hurting a lot (upper shoulder).

Shrek story SENT!

I did 75% of it yesterday. Then got drunk and played MarioKart with my roommate. He burnt some popcorn but bought shit tons of Coors light. And more popcorn, so we ate popcorn and drank shit beer. Fell asleep fucking early. Like 9:30 pm. Woke up before 7 am, finished the story and … SENT.

Also, pay request sent. Every other Tuesday, got to send an awkward email asking for money. Then I wait all day, many times until the next, to find out if I am getting money or not. I already paid part my rent, have some savings, and hopefully some money coming in. It is still not enough at all. Student loans started to bug the shit out of me again. If I could be paying them, I would be paying them. And I want to get rid of them. So yes. A real job would still be fucking nice. People have them! I need to get one!

Work week is going fine. I already did a bunch of work today. And I need to do some more.

Oh yeah. Elections.


Apparently the BBC is going to be in my favorite bar. So I’m going to be watching the election turnout in my favorite bar. Maybe I’ll poach a job.

Before all of that, it’s still very early. So it’s time to keep on working. Thank you word vomit of a blog to just help me type non-sense as a break.

Speaking of breaks. I need breakfast. Especially before writing about food.


Those oysters were bomb-diggity. I can’t wait to go back and eat them again. And for that, I’ll need money. Endless loop of work, money, nice food and drinks, broke, work, money, food and drinks. Living paycheck to paycheck sucks balls and I didn’t want my 2016 to be like that, but c’est la vie.

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