Article Sent – I Didn’t Find Shrek – Work Weekend

I already lived my weekend this week with my friend el Pelón. Two days and nights of consecutive party on a Monday and Tuesday. Insane that we pulled it off. Only in Tijuana can you just party until the wee hours in the morning during weekdays.

Wednesday felt like Monday, but it was slow day, didn’t do much work. Thursday felt like Tuesday, forced myself to work, but inspiration never came. Yesterday I finally left my apartment sort of early to look for Shrek. While drinking beer in a new tap room, I got inspired (pressured myself) to finish an article. It was okay. It ended up not sounding that forced and better than passable. Sent this morning, should be published sometime this week.

I walked around Revu for a couple hours until it got dark. Shrek didn’t appear. I had the camera with me. I dislike carrying my camera around and at least not grabbing a couple pics. I barely shot any.. but here are a couple.

This is the only one I uploaded to my IG.

Then walking in Pasaje Rodriguez, I bumped into my friend Mayra with her camera. Snapped a couple pics of her. She uploaded these two and tagged me with a smiley face :) harharhar


file-nov-05-12-05-21-pm file-nov-05-12-11-31-pm

There wasn’t much light. Mayra is much prettier than that. Most of her profile is way better pictures by better photographers showing her in a better light. But it was late afternoon and the Pasaje loses its light. ISO 2000+ shutter at 100/2.8f is not that great. I took a flash pic I liked better, but she didn’t upload/liked that one I guess.

So with the good news of the cover. A couple articles done. I shall be fine. Today there’s the grand opening of a new restaurant by Kokopelli. I got invited. This will be easy work. I’ve been wanting to review them forever. New place looks very promising. I’ll get that done by early Monday.


I lied about the article sent this morning getting published sometime in the week. It just got published as I was uploading Mayra’s pics!

Click the picture, it links you to the article.

Productive Saturday! HERE I COME!

Seriously. Usually on Saturdays I would just be doing nothing, waiting for soccer, then watching soccer, and do nothing. Today is work Saturday.

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