El Pelón – The Tijuana Life, Is A Good Life – Halloween #2 Too Much Party



What crazy last couple of days.

My childhood friend and nearby neighbor, Andrei, aka El Pelón, visited me in Tijuana.

I just dropped him off. Time to get back to reality.

This is us at the border:

Gallos Blancos plays the final against Chivas today. We both wore our Gallos shirt.

El Pelón arrived on Halloween night around 6 pm on a Pacific Surfliner to San Diego. He spent a couple of days in LA with a friend of his from college then came down to Tijuana.

I met up with him up in Santa Fe Station and walked around downtown San Diego so he can see the city. We ended up at the Tipsy Crow. I like it there and a review might be coming up. It’s one of the oldest bars in San Diego and probably the only thing I like at Gaslamp. There were only a few people dressed up for Halloween.

Sandwiches at Tipsy Crow.

We caught the trolly down to Tijuana around 8ish and got there around 9. This is el Pelón crossing the border.

Shitty picture I took with his cellphone… and his phone actually takes okay pics.

Tijuana greeted us with a HUGE Halloween party in downtown. It was crazy. Completely unexpected. I wished I knew it was going to be like that and I would have brought my camera.

There were so many people dressed up. So many people in the streets. It was surreal. It was better than last year’s, and it was on a Monday. Next year I will make sure to go out with my camera on the actual Halloween night.

A very well done penguin. Again, shitty cellphone pic… There were many others that were way better than the penguin, but this is the only one we stopped for a picture before the bar. What bar? You guessed right, Bar Nelson.

We drank at Nelson’s caguamas and especiales, before heading to the debauchery of Zona Norte. I’ll skip writing what happened, Zona Norte adventures are kept a mystery. The point is we had fun. We ended up in Nueva Pachanga, my old stomping grounds, one of Zona Norte’s shittiest dive bar. I needed to cool my head from previous bars… And to do that, I got distracted with the gambling machine that takes 5 pesos. “Dale Dale Corea!” We shouted at the damn machine to win some change.  We ended up with 40 pesos extra. Which is like $2. I just love playing that shitty machine. Also, caguamones there are only 35 pesos…

We got back home around 3ish. I had a couple of caguamones sitting in the fridge. We played videogames and chatted almost until dawn, like little teenagers that used to do that in Querétaro with friends. The only group I have in Whatsapp are my Querétaro friends. And they are annoying little ratdicks. But they are MY annoying little ratdicks. Pelón is part of that group. I hope the rest of the group gets to visit. None of them really understand what this city is really like.

Despite sleeping almost at dawn, we both awoke earlyish (around 10ish). Had the best shrimp enchilado tacos ever for breakfast. Pelón agrees, a damn good fucking taco. Then we jumped on a calafia to Playas. We arrived to Playas and got into some family drama, but let’s skip that as well.

The classic, we walked to the border wall.

Didn’t even stop to eat or drink anywhere. We just enjoyed a romantic long week on the beach… I mean… just two buddies walking in Playas.

Uhh… yeah…

I found this carcass last time I walked on the beach with my roommate over a week ago. It’s still decomposing slowly there. Guessing seal.. but maybe dolphin or something else?

After the long-ass walk, we went to my parents house for a while. We were pooped from walking under the sun, from the previous night, and from waking up early. Back home for a catnap. Disco nap. A nice nap (no, we didn’t cuddle).

Woke up. Went to my favorite place to eat. Teléfonica Gastro Park. We both opted for Humo’s bombass hot dogs. That’s the Bork (I believe) with pulled pork and bacon.

Then my favorite place to drink beer, Plaza Fiesta.

We had a few more brewskies… then headed back to downtown, where the night was very calm. Of course, not that calm in Zona Norte. It was calmer than Monday night… but debauchery never sleeps and I only had two short nights to hangout with Pelón. If it was a weekend night, it wouldn’t have been necessary to end the night at debauchery. Again. Cleansed my head from evil with some more evil and went to Nueva Pachanga to gamble.

We cut the night earlier, but it was still pretty late. It was earlier than 2 am though, because we stopped for one more taco. And you guessed it right. It’s my favorite late night taco place near my house. Pelón also agrees, goddamn great fucking late night taco.

The Tijuana life. It’s a good life.

Back in my apartment. Back to reality. I have almost no money after all that Tijuana Adventuring. Enough to cover rent and expenses, but not enough to eat and drink like the glutton fucked up self that I am. So I need to work. And I’m not sure what I am working on. The point is too much partying and now I got to work. Halloween was fucking awesome. Pelón’s Tijuana Adventure was way more fun than I had anticipated. Now I need to write write write write write write write write. I didn’t copy/pasta that. I typed those all in. Just to fucking tell my brain that I have to write write write write write. WRITE. Right. Rait. Rite-aid. WRITE! Write for fucking $$$ as well, not your shitty stupid blog Matt!!! UGHHHHH!!!


PS. All shots on Pelón’s Nexus 5. It was awesome having you here pinche Pelón. Dejad la poches flow through your veins.

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