Bacon King Drunk Tuesday – Super Meat Boy Wednesday – Halloween Soon

Oh what a Tuesday…

I had this for lunch/dinner. It has over 1000 calories… so that’s all I needed

That’s the Bacon King. And because I watch NFL Sundays… I’ve seen a commercial for it a few dozen times. IT does not look like the commercial, obviously… And … well … The review will have to wait because I am working on the full review today to send sometime soon.

I met my roommate at BK, bought a bottle of whisky and one of amaretto (Maker’s Mark and Disaronno) and we crossed to Tijuana together. We watched Jeopardy as we drank a tall glass of tequila lemonade with salvia that I have been preparing (killing the bottle). With hopes of seeing a lady friend, I ventured into the tap Tuesday Tijuana night. Roommate stayed home.

I made it to Norte where the new beertender was drinking with the one that left. He is an awesome guy and musician I randomly jammed with a year ago. I should jam with him more often. We drank and talked music. Before I knew it, I had already drank three craft beers. Lady friend was not going to be a viable option, cellphone dead, one more beer at classic Nelson, and home. At home I opened the bottle of whisky to prepare myself a godfather and go to bed. Nope. Decided to buy and download Super Meat Boy.

It was an excellent buy!

But it also made me drink whisky faster than I was noticing. Before I knew it… I had drank more than a couple and it was getting really late. I transmitted my gaming online through Facebook Live. It looked like this while drunk:

I woke up on Wednesday early morning with a massive hangover and craving shrimp. I couldn’t even eat the shrimp tacos I bought. I just groaned on the couch for hours until I finally was able to eat. Ibuprofen, water, coffee, tacos, nothing helped… I just groaned from early morning until the afternoon. I also kept playing Super Meat Boy since my mind couldn’t be bother with anything else.

And I kept playing it live on Fb:

And kept playing:

And played some more…

That last one sucked. I should have not recorded or tried that level that many times. I went back to it a couple hours after without going live and beat the level. I actually almost beat the whole main game (but there are so much stuff to uncover and do still).

I played a lot of Super Meat Boy. Wednesday was nothing. I just did not exist that day. I barely talked to anyone online. Didn’t touch my computer. Didn’t worry about shit. Just Super Meat Boy all day while I nursed my hangover. We ordered shit tons of delivery food and went to town. I did not leave the couch all day. It was a wasted Wednesday.

And now the week is almost over. I haven’t done any work. I haven’t received any emails for work. I haven’t heard from the editors. Shit is a bit weird. And I should probably start looking for a real job. My roommate is getting a real job soon. And I sit here. Still trying to figure out what real job would fit me right. I don’t want to go back to retail. I might have too… but I don’t want too.

Halloween is soon. And I wanted to buy a new costume (that cost around $60). But that money was better spent in my mom, who needed some cash to alleviate things. So no costume for me. I’ll be a cow again. Not sure what I am going to be doing in Halloween though. There are so many parties to choose from. So many things to do. And at the same time I have a college friend from Minneapolis visiting San Diego and a friend from Tijuana from my childhood visiting from Kentucky. AND WORK! Which I haven’t done much at all. It’s been hard to find inspiration, but I might just do it like some friends and just write shit articles for cheap money


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