Published but Need More – Great Drunk Thursday – Sick Friday

I finished the job I had to do.

I wasn’t completely satisfied with it. I could have kept on writing. Make it long. Gamble more again. But I stopped myself and finished it short.

I got published quicker than I thought. It usually takes a couple of days and sometimes even months to get published. But this was almost in an hour.

Revolution comes to La Revolución.

Cool thing as well… it’s getting a lot of shares. Not that cool is… it’s only one article and I don’t get paid much. I need to have at least two of this a week and two more of the other stuff.

I queried my next stories. And went to the beach with the roommate.

We got beers and no breakfast. Bumped unto a friend. Drank a beer, left our crap there, and swam in the ocean. Dried ourselves with the warm SoCal October son. Kept drinking beer though I insisted in getting some food. Only thing we ate were some olives while we kept drinking beer.

Visited my parents, and brought more beer. They just adopted a kitten named Chimba, she looks like this.

Went back home and I passed the fuck out before 7 pm, completely leaving a friend I was going to meet for movies and a bar. I woke up at 10 pm feeling shitty. Called her. Still on the mood to go out, we did.

Woke up Friday feeling ok. It was a weird day. Took a nap halfway through. When I woke up, I was still ok. I went out to eat… and this is when it hit me.

Suddenly I felt sick as fuck. And what do I do?! I kept drinking of course… Which kept making me feel worse. I spent the rest of my Friday at home with my friend tequila and lemonade. Because I’ve learned to make a kick-ass lemonade.

And today…

Today Saturday.

I have a tour. And despite I’m sick, this tour is not the usual let’s get plastered and party through Tijuana. It’s a couple who is thinking about moving to Tijuana. So it will be an easy tour of Tijuana. And good. Because I am sick. And I need to get better. Because I need to work more still.

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