I Applied for a Job – Tour This Weekend – This Is The End

I watched the movie This Is The End yesterday. I rarely watch movies. And if I do, they are stupid ones. I also saw the comedy roast of James Franco, which I’ve seen before but barely remembered.

I saw almost all the actors in that movie. I liked most of them in person. They were nice. Except Seth Rogen. And obviously Johan Hill. They weren’t horrible, but they weren’t nice either. James Franco was weird, but he called me awesome once so he is in my cool book. Jay Baruchel is really nice though. I remember talking to him for a bit. Cool guy.

Whoa… that was a lot of shitty rambling.

I applied for a job this morning.

I need to finish an article, but I got distracted and decided to poke my head in craigslist San Diego, which I haven’t done in quite some time. Jobs section, search jobs: writer. There’s usually a lot of work for free garbage exposure blog in there and a lot of grant writing (which I don’t know how to do). So it usually doesn’t yield shit. But this time there was a job position that intrigued me. Description sounded like something I wanted to do. It seemed fun and I could stop freelancing for a real job for a while. The title of the job was “Comedy Writer,” but of course, there was much more to that than just write funny garbage.

I had to do an online test that said it would take me around an hour. Then it said 41 minutes. I did it in like 30 minutes deeply caffeinated.

The first part was the most fun. The test asked me the silliest of questions and put me in odd scenarios. I responded promptly with whatever came to my mind. I wonder if they will read it. It would be funny if I get this gig from the stupid shit I wrote in that questionnaire.

The other 3 parts were sorta bullshit.

2nd part was a Windows simulator to see if you had the most basic skills in a computer (copy paste, know how to google and crap like that). It was really basic. Like to test grandpas or something. Or someone that doesn’t usually use windows. Because I’ve been using Apple for the past decade, Windows always feels like shit from the past. Of course my shortcuts weren’t read as they should have and it took me a few minutes more than it should from shitty Windows garbage. Now if I get the job, I hope they are not using Windows. Because fuck that shit. I had an office job that used Windows and stuff that would take me 20 minutes in my Mac would take me 2 hours on Windows. Stupid fucking Microsoft.

3rd part was all about Microsoft Office. I don’t use Office either anymore, but I did in fucking MIDDLE SCHOOL… so yeah. It was pretty easy and poignant, because again, I rather use Apple/Chrome.

4th part was all about Microsoft Excel. And well… fuck that. That didn’t even come with the job description. Look. Excel is not that complicated. It’s just fucking tedious. And I don’t remember the codes I learned back in fucking MIDDLE SCHOOL. But oh well… I’m looking for forward to see how I did.

I hope they reply. Not really expecting a “congratulations you move on to the next phase,” or anything (there’s another phase). But I just want a reply. I want to know my score. I want to know what other people wrote in that silly questionnaire. Especially the winning candidate.

That was my morning. My yesterday I got halfway done with an article. I get to work on the other half now. After I work out and shower of course. Then I shall send it in and start working on more stuff.

Oh yeah. There’s a presidential debate today. That should be a lot of fun.

Also. Got into a stupid fight on Reddit with some stranger because he corrected me from calling the following person in the picture a Geisha:

I took that photo with my shitty cellphone on Saturday. I don’t know the complexities or the actual wardrobe of a Geisha. I’ll tell you what I saw. Mother fucking Shrek. A Japanese woman with a kimono and full on cake white make-up. And two Chinese tourists posing with the novelty. That she was there as a novelty, I can assume she was attempting to dress like a Geisha. Nahhhh this fucker on Reddit wanted to get completely specific that that is not a Geisha. Sigh… redditors.

Oh… I have a small tour this weekend. A married couple (and one of their mom’s) is coming to Tijuana to see if its viable to live here. I have moved so many people down here that this tour will be cake. They’ll have their own car as well. This will be small extra cash.

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