Weekend Was Amazing – Hating This Monday – Whitney Houston

I used to loathe Sundays. They always made me feel so numb.

But nah… now Sundays are alright. I enjoy them. They are a break. It has NFL. I can do whatever the fuck I want.

Everyone hates Mondays. Very Garfieldesque. But I am hating this Monday. It’s so mundane. HARHARHARHAR

After my awesome Thursday, and my lazy Friday… Saturday came, my money came and the tour came. That’s a lot of coming.

Yes. Saturday was beyond excellent. A top notch Tijuana Adventure. We covered so much ground and there were so many of us.

The tour started at Nelson. This is almost the whole crew.



AHHH fuck it… I made all the pics Andy took into an IMGUR album for easier story telling:

I shall also post this in Tijuana Adventure… though I haven’t upgraded that page in a long ass time and I’m sorta tired of doing tours. I shall start doing more tours though because I need the money (more like want) the money. Someone emailed me for a tour on Saturday… I’m not even trying to get tours, but ok!

Saturday night was a blast. Got home completely dead around 3 am and then didn’t wake up till 1 pm. Lazy Sunday ensued. Then I went to eat at Voodoo Stu’s, I felt like going to the casino, a coin toss confirmed that I should go. I miserably lost 200 pesos in a blink of an eye. So that was shite. Got myself a beer and went home.

In the way home I thought of a tequila drink I wanted to try. Æther Cafe started selling their salvia syrup to take home and since I love his lemonade I thought about making my own version. It turned out pretty darn good, but I was too lazy to take pictures.

My Spicy Salvia Lemonade.

In a mason jar filled with ice add the following:

  • 3 Mexican lemons (I did 5 first, 3 was better)
  • 1/4 of a Jalapeño
  • Two spoons of salvia
  • 3 oz of Tequila Blanco (I used Jimador)
  • Tonic water
  • Pulparindo Garnish

I liked it a lot. You can’t even taste the tequila. It’s fresh. It’s sweet. It’s a bit tangy. Not very spicy but it makes you crave more. The first time I had Jalapeño Lemonade was in a bar in Santa Monica called the Basement. They made it with gin, my roommate had the idea to switch it to Jose Cuervo and since then I’ve been fucking around with jalapeño lemonades and tequila. I haven’t in for a while. The salvia gives it such a nice touch.

So I had two of those while playing Donkey Kong. I’m still not 100% done with that… still have some secret levels to deal with. And oh boy those fuckers are tough. It took me more than 60 lives and near an hour just to beat one…

Now it’s Monday… before the tour in Saturday I did an interview for work. I think I have all that I need and all that I want and I should get to work. I already sent a query, now working on the previous query I sent, and some food reviews peppered in and that should do my week. Still wishing for a regular job. This freelance shit and pushing oneself to work is difficult. I mean, I listed a bunch of things I got to do and it can take me a matter of a few hours each day… but I procrastinate like crazy until I’m running low on cash and then I plunge my way through everything and somehow barely make it in the last minute. I did in college and still got for the most part As. I still do it now and for the most part I still get paid.

Also. Monday is celebrity Monday!

—————————— Whitney Port


HAHAHA that’s a shitty picture of Whitney Port and PopSugarpaid for it. Anyway… I had funny stories to tell about Whitney Port, but while I searched for Whitney I came across pictures of Whitney Houston. I FORGOT I SAW WHITNEY HOUSTON. So let’s see what I got.

(I still have way more pics of Whitney Port, for another chapter… perhaps)

—————————————– Whitney Houston

Well… I have two folders of Whitney Houston. The first one that I remember shooting and it was VERY STRANGE. The second seems like she was nice and it was a standard shoot, but I don’t quite have a memory of it.
This was the first pic. I remember it was late at night and Whitney was already outside. My brother suddenly said… let’s do it. And we started taking pictures. She was really surprised by it.
Pictures are from July 13, 2008, 4 years before her death. RIP.

She was like “OH HELL NO!”

Then for some reason pretended to use the payphone!! THE FUCKING PAYPHONE!!! She grabbed the phone and just stared inside the booth (my brother had a better pic of this). There is actually some crack in this picture…

Suddenly car is here… time to go.


My brother being a creep right behind her.

And inside the car… Yep… It was pretty weird.

Star Jones departs from LAX.Whitney Houston arrives from Atlanta to LAX.

The next time I saw her was on March 14, 2010 and all the pics are standard.


I don’t remember this shoot, but it looked like it was nice and easy.


She pretended to be on the phone the whole time, but was gracious enough to give the camera a wave.



That’s it. Whitney Houston.

I was like 3-years-old when I heard this song.

Goddamn were the late 80s early 90s and awesome era. I remember listening to this song so many goddamn times.

Ok. I’m out. Gotta transcribe an interview and do some other productive shit before I fall into a pit of depression for being a useless sack of crap.

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