Unexpected Thursday Night – Busy Friday – Quest for Enchilados

I had an unexpected Thursday night.

I went out with a friend to watch SPORTS. Yep. Football and Baseball. LA Dodgers vs Washington Nationals. My friend was sure the Nats were going to win. He was wrong. I hate the Dodgers, but oh well, don’t care much about baseball.

On the other tv, SD Chargers vs Denver Broncos. I hate the Broncos, but I wanted the Chargers to lose in the last quarter like they have been doing because I get a sick pleasure from seeing the Chargers lose.

We were at the shittiest of shittiest bars. But they sell beer for 15 pesos (that’s less than a dollar). I got curious about the Mai Tai for 50. Got that shitty girly drink with almost no alcohol, regretted it, back to beer.

A table filled with Gringos were behind us. Three girls, three guys, all college looking with ridiculous tans. Curiosity ate at me while I wonder how the fuck did they manage to come to Tijuana and land on the shittiest bar. They were having tons of beers, margaritas, and tequila shots, and the bar, no matter how shitty it is, has cheap drinks. Cheap drinks with friends = good night, even in a shit bar that looks like Applebees Tijuana. I never talked to the Gringos. I still wonder how, why, where, they went in Tijuana. If it was the first time? Do they come to Copeo often? FUCK! SO MANY QUESTIONS.

But Tijuana is getting flooded with Americans more and more each year, so it shouldn’t be a surprise. This morning as I went on a quest for tacos enchilados… I saw a lot of them.

Anyway, my Thursday ended up rolling into Friday morning in an escapade venture that I could not have guessed it would have happened. It was great. Slept most of Friday because I didn’t sleep Thursday night and then Dan Brozo el Payaso came to have lunch and play videogames all of Friday.

So my busy Friday = Videogames and lunch with Dan while doing nothing. I don’t use Snapchat, so this is Dan making me go on Snapchat. He doesn’t uses Instagram, so I posted it there.

Btw. I had the gnocchi with rabbit on top, only 100 pesos, so fucking good. Telefonica is the best place to eat in Tijuana, hands down.

Dan had a rabbit taco and the tuna poké. It was alright.  The poké phase is weird. I mean, it’s great, but do that many restaurants that specialize in poké need to exist? Oh well… FOOD FOOD FOOD and food is good.

I had an interview setup on Friday for some work thing. It ended up getting canceled.

Today I have a huge tour. 15-20 people. Way more than I am accustomed. Most likely there will be tons of pictures. We’ll see how it goes.

I woke up without a peso. And I needed food. I went to my favorite shrimp enchilado place, and though the taqueros were willing to give me the tacos without paying, I told them I was going to the ATM. Holy FUCK! The ATM at Calle Cuarta had over 40 people waiting. Fuck that shit. Did the long walk for 9 more blocks… other ATM also busy, but not as bad. On my way back, bumped unto my brother who I haven’t seen for more than a week. So we hung out and chatted for a bit. But really hungry, had to go get my tacos.

I mean… look at that motherfucking beauty of shrimp and cheese and spices.

And now here I am. Ready to post this shit. Try to do some work before going out to the bar and wait for A LOT of fucking people while I try to show them the best of Tijuana. Shall be tons of fun. Can’t wait…. I should shower.

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