Finally Laundry – Bisho the Contortionist – Getting Paid

At the laundromat.

laundromat tijuana

I never used a public one in any city I have ever lived in, except Tijuana. This laundromat seems like it hasn’t changed in decades.


In college there was the basement laundry both Freshmen and Sophomore year. Not the same dynamic. Junior and Senior year housing came with washing/drying machine.


In LA I also had a laundry room in the building. Again, not the same dynamic.


I hate doing laundry. Especially at the laundromat. It’s like paying to do a task. But here I am. At the end… Is not so bad. At least they have wi-fi.

This is my favorite song about laundry:


Yesterday was a good day. I felt inner calm. I napped. I didn’t do much. Except feeling overjoyed, though it feels like I cheated. I got more than I expected. That’s good. And I should get used to that. I still hope for more gigs, more money, more responsibility, more growth.


But after getting paid, is difficult to get inspired when freelancing. Still, tasks to accomplish, and the more I work, the better.


Today my roommate finished an article we were working together on. It’s awesome and I can’t wait till it gets published. It was an unexpected read, but thoroughly interesting. I had a different approach to it, if I will ever write it, depends if inspiration strikes.


The pictures are awesome, that’s for sure. And I hope a lot of them get published.


Bisho is a bit of a contortionist. Sometimes I wake up, and he is doing this pose staring at me (or sleeping). He follows me everywhere. If I leave the house he starts to meow. If I close my bedroom door, he pounds on it until I open it. Then he scratches my face because he wants breakfast. There he is, staring at me while I type away.

Now Thursday. The weekend awaits. I have an interview set up tomorrow. That will be nice work.


Then Saturday I have a huge tour. The Tijuana Adventure looks promising. There will be pictures for sure.
It will all be good until uncertainty hits again. For now, I enjoy that the rent has been paid, my clothes are now clean, and I’ll get paid this weekend and I could save a tiny bit.

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