Nice Cloudy Day – Uncertainty Finally Delivers Good News – Still Want More


Finally! A response!

I didn’t want to wake up this cloudy morning because of fear of the uncertain… but… 

Yes. I am in a good mood because I got good news. And good news means I’m getting paid.

I jumped like an idiot when I received the email less than an hour ago. I just started jumping on my bed and then I ran to the kitchen, then back to jumping on the bed.

My cat has no food. I’m going to buy him some nice fancy food now that I can afford it. I mean… I don’t get the money until the end of the week, but I can still afford it.

Not the greatest picture, but Bisho is happy digging into some canned food instead of dry food.

And the best part is that I have 2 weeks to work on more stuff so I can get paid more! I still don’t like uncertainty, but I have a few tasks to take care of and I’ll be good. I already started working on one and setup an interview for Friday. The other one is in my mind and I can start walking on it immediately.

Now I have an article to send right meow, before going out and finally doing laundry. I am really good at not doing laundry. I’m actually thinking about skipping laundry…. WHATS WRONG WITH ME!?

Time to skedaddle out of here!

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