Day 5 of No Response – Photography Gig and Beer – Still Uncertain Thus is The Freelance Life

It’s been 5 days since I sent the story and no reply. Yesterday I sent another email asking again. Today is that special Tuesday, and it’s not only because tap Tuesday, but because today I send pay requests.

Uncertainty makes me not know how much money I’m making. But I guarantee myself a few hundred bucks, so at least I’ll have rent and survival and much time to work and make more money.

Yesterday I was cleaning my whole apartment when I got a call. If I could do a photography event thing right that moment. Grabbed my camera, head out the door to the place. I arrived on time, but the event didn’t. Then I got hungry, left to another place that I’ve been writing a story, and went back. When I got back, the event got canceled. I got a couple free beers for my time wasting. And the promise there will be many more events like this.

Now I have to finish an article to guarantee me some money petty money. Then I have 2 more weeks of uncertain work because the freelance life. I’ll have to shop around for the article as well if nothing happens to it.

This also happened because I wasted a week in the middle of nowhere for a story that hasn’t seen any action and now seems mildly abandoned and I am not getting any money, though I have awesome pictures and materials that I should do more work on it. I am just looking at the album, and it’s so great. But I got to find a client for it. The few people I’ve showed my work really liked it. So I can’t wait to show it to everyone.

In the meantime. Here’s my next work thingy. This is what I ate yesterday at Mamut Brewing Co.

I’ve been eating a bunch of things in there to favorable reviews. Drinking… not so much.

This is yesterday’s sunset:

Event got canceled, but I already had my camera, so I took a few pics for the couple of beers I got.

Blog of the day over. Time to send a few emails, and do a bunch of work. First, workout, shower, breakfast, and more.

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