Reposting for Karma – Uncertainty Leads to Depression – Media Log 2011


A weekend has passed and still no response. So my check for this week is uncertain and I am tired of that and it makes me sorta depressed. So I’m back to broke again.

But I’m alright. I did some other work that will pay me alright. I can afford rent. And I still have enough to live until I work for a couple more weeks for again uncertain money.

So a real job sounds nice. And I can keep on writing silly things on this blog forever to get rid of my itch to write. Which right now it’s not that much, since I am still in the uncertain ground. I blogged everyday this week, except Sunday. I’ll probably continue with this sort of shit.

At least my karma is good. I have 18,102 linked karma and 8,970 comment karma. Like all redditors, I don’t know what to do with karma, but I like having it. Last 2k karma were thanks to a repost. It was quite simple.

I got a red star at Nelson’s Bar. That means I got a free drink. And discussions of jazz and politics ensued with a young man that works at the record store. We filled the jukebox with jazz tunes to annoy the few customers and discussed meter, rhythm, and the Haitians in Tijuana.

It seems like all writers love the booze. At least all the fun ones. I don’t love it nearly as much as any of them. I still prefer coffee all day, and alcohol after the sun has gone down. But sometimes you just got to drink all day. Especially when waiting for an answer an don’t have much to do, plus is the weekend and there’s FOOTBALL on.

Now the rest of the week I got to figure out what to do. I have a tour on Saturday. A big big big tour. So that will be fun and perhaps will make me some money.

I got to clean my fucking apartment. I want to reorganize everything again too. But being lazy is so much easier….

I have to do laundry. I fucking hate doing laundry. I don’t even know why. Whenever I am done I think to myself “see, that wasn’t so bad.” But I don’t like doing it at all. I’m out of chones though, so I need to.

Oh. And obviously work.

I started a food review on Saturday. I’ll finish that either today or tomorrow. Most likely tomorrow.

Query new stories.

Work on new stories.

Shop around for the other story if it doesn’t get accepted. Which means everything gets to be uncertain again until a reply. Fun stuff /s.

Work on other stories that I say I’m going to then never end up doing anything. Shit. I should get to work!

It’s Monday. So let’s honor some celebrities I shot, aka, check out my past yo!

———————————- 2011 Media Log
2011 was the year I quit. Around May for my 25th birthday I decided on a road trip, and when I came back to LA, I didn’t want to work as a paparazzi anymore. I wanted to be a drifter. Silly me.

Each year I had something of a media log. Pictures that I took that I found on the web to see if I was getting paid correctly. I just lazily looked at the 2011 one and found so many pictures that I barely even remember.

This is what my media log looks like for just two months in 2011 (January and February).

This is Alec Baldwin on Radar online.


Radar paid okay money. Like $20-50 a pic and many times used a few per week.

Chelsea Handler at LAX on E! Online.

E! paid a bit better than Radar. They also often use a few pics.

Cyndi Lauper in I have no idea.


I have no idea if this blog paid me or not or what it is…


Cydi Lauper at Perez Hilton


Yep. That Perez Hilton. I saw him at the airport at some point. He was embarrassed that we took his picture.

Cyndi again, this time on Radar.


That picture really went everywhere…

Dakota Fanning on People.


YES! People paid the best. Seeing your pic on People was always a good sight.

Henry Winkler on Radar.

I have no idea why sometimes Radar paid for pics like this. Seriously. Never thought I would get paid for taking a picture of Mr. Winkler.

Joe Jonas on Radar again..


Joe was cool. Told you Radar used a bunch of pics.

Joshua Jackson on People.


Julianne Hough and puppy on Radar. I’m sure this picture also made print.


Zack Morris on E! Fuck yeah! I forgot I saw Mark-Paul Gosselaar.


More Radar stuff. Mark Ruffalo was always a super nice dude.


Matthew Perry on Radar. Don’t remember this pic.


Natalie Portman on Just Jared. Jared is a cool guy and paid well for pictures used.


That Natalie Portman pic went everywhere. Made it to People online and I believe it made print there too.


Oh yeah. The kiss on the escalator. I’m sure this made print as well. Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer.


Also on People. It definitely made print.


The one and only time I saw Brad Pitt. Bam. Beat my friend to a better angle.


Here is the angle my friend had…

Gerard Butler on E! He was in general a nice guy.


Hillary Duff with an insane amount of baggage.


And finally, some more Mark Ruffalo. Told you he was a really nice guy.

It was fun to wake up and check the blogs to see if you made money. It was also disappointing when I saw airport shots that weren’t mine. It is like a competition to see who gets the best shot… and it’s best not to have much of it. I dominated the airport. Then it got overrun.

Anyway. Workout and shower and then time to do some serious work (or perhaps some reading and some napping).

Only fate will tell!


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