Hungover – Uncertainty Continues – Gansos

I started drinking early yesterday.

I needed to get out of my apartment. After sending an article, refreshing your inbox constantly is not healthy. I really wanted to avoid drinking, but Tijuana makes it difficult.

Went out. Got some burritos. Then a healthy beet, celery, carrot, pineapple, and orange juice thingy drinky drink. I kicked it around town for a while. Went to where the punks live. Wasted my time there. Got bored. Bar called my name. They didn’t even have beer. Rum drink it is. Went home. Wanted to nap. Couldn’t. Drank two beers to help me nap. Nope. Got hungry. Grabbed a burger and two craft beers. Sean Hannity was on. There was a racist old man from Florida defending Trump. Same with the dude cooking my burger. I felt weird. And somewhat sad. Which led to more drinking. Craft beer with a view. Awesome Japanese drummer playing a weird ass fucking show making weird ass fucking noises with the cymbals. IPA while that was going on. Reason why I have a headache. Show over. Punks have shows. Nope. It got canceled. Coin toss says buy a beer there. I did. I got bored there again, so I drank it as fast as I could. Favorite bar is way too crowded. Go to what used to be my favorite. Nice. One stool left. Good music on. Ugly chick keeps looking at me. Let’s pretend that my phone has interesting shit to offer. It doesn’t. Everyone shitposts and no one is messaging me because it’s Friday night. This is too much drinking. I’m tired. Uber. Home.

All that equals = hangover.

And still no reply from either editor. It’s Saturday morning though. And I’m not going to worry about it. Just enjoy the weekend. Maybe try a new place for a food review if I get inspired. Maybe not. There’s a show later tonight. But let’s see how the day treats me.

Here’s a picture they used for my article. He’s hungry as a wolf; she does the happy crocodile. Click the picture and read. I mean. If you want. You don’t have too.

Gallos Blancos plays today. Against my second favorite team in Liga MX, Atlas. But obviously I go for my 1st and best team in the world. By best, I mean shittiest, Gallos Blancos. They are sucking right now. So they I get to call them Gansos for being shitty.

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