Uncertainty Eats My Soul Away – Fried Chicken Friday – Writing Like a Maniac


I’m basically posting in here everyday. And not only that. Working a lot everyday. This past two days I work in one article that was meant to be around 500-800 words long. But I got inspired and ended up writing 1,700. It is a different type of article too. I don’t think I ever written anything like that. And I pitched way less words. So uncertainty eats me away.

I’ve been listening to a lot of jazz. Is it a bit too much to ask for people to listen to the music that inspired an article? Because now I woke up and had Moanin’ in my head. That’s a great tune as well. More people need to know the music of Charles Mingus.

It’s Friday. I say that I don’t go out on Fridays, and I actually have no plans. I never have plans. I got published for a food article today. I should do research on a food article and do some work. I have one in mind.

It’s barely past 10 am and I already finished with the work I had today. I should be looking for more work, but for now I am stuck on uncertainty. I emailed the article early this morning and all I have to do is wait for an email to hit me back with either good news, regular news, or bad news. In the meantime. I stay. I poke around the internet. I make plans for the short future. I try to knock stale tasks off my desk. Articles that I started and then simply stopped.

Writing is like a workout.
You got to do it everyday.
The more you do it. The better you get at it.

And that’s why I keep typing stuff until the article gets published so I can link it here (I still have an hour or two to wait).

Maple bacon sandwich!

Yes. The article is about the food picture above. Here it is!

Ok. Here it really is. The changed the title and it made me laugh. “He’s hungry as a wolf; she does the happy crocodile dance.” Talking about Border Psycho in Plaza Fiesta which is in my top 5 of places to eat and visit in Plaza. I would definitely go back for the ribs. And for the beer. Always.

Now that that finally published, I have the rest of my Friday to enjoy and try to find some work, and wait forever for a reply that makes me nervous.

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