Early Morning Jazz – Blogging Everyday – Haitian Chicken Fight Song

Charles Mingus Haitian Fight Song loops in my head.

I played this song on my sophomore year in college. In fact, I met with the Mingus Big Band for a master class. The song starts with a bass solo. I was the bassist. I wasn’t good. The whole class was mostly focus on the intro and me starting with the bass solo. My classmates were dismayed. Until finally the tromboner (I know… I know, trombonist) took over the class started teaching the horns. The rhythm section got a separate lesson for a while.

That night, The Mingus Big Band played in my college. It was probably the epitome of my live jazz experience. When I was just a little boy I also saw Claude Bolling’s Big Band. My parents had the good judgement to take me to a jazz concert. They also took me to classical music a bunch. Barely have memory of it, but I am sure it had a huge impact in my life.

There are a lot of Haitians in Tijuana now. The situation is pretty crazy. This whole end of the year is going to get pretty crazy. The US elections might affect border situation. The change of local government is going to create some tension in Tijuana, especially with the new transit system.

Haitians want to make it to the US, some will make it, some will get deported, but I guarantee that some will settle in Tijuana and start their lives here.

Now I get to work in a narration about this. I already have all the material. So it’s early morning. I got my coffee. I got some jazz on. Time to work.

Blog out.

But first, here are some pics.

Haitian fried chicken, better known as Poul Fri.

Bisho and I tried some. It was great. It’s early morning and I brushed my teeth more than 4 times and I still have a bit of it in my breath.

Blog out. Time to work.

Ninja edit:

A minute after posting this, I got an email that I got published. Here it is. My take on the dollar vs peso and the economy.

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