IAmA on Reddit was a Bust – Daily Existential Crisis – No Celebrity!


I feel like writing a lot.

Like I always do.

But this time I can spew my non-sense freely without digging through my hard drive to post old pictures of celebrities that I took. I’ll keep doing that when the right person pops in my head. Or I’ll most likely continue the Monday tradition to push my writing.

Right now it’s Wednesday. I tried doing an IAmA yesterday on reddit (again). It was a bit of a bust. Ooo look a new question. Here is the link to the IAmA that didn’t take off. I got downvoted to hell :(

It generated some traffic to my site, which is good I guess. I took some nice pics of some hot celebrities that are worth seeing. I shall dig more of those out. There are so many missing.

The IAmA wasn’t active much. Which was somewhat a blessing in disguise since I ended up finishing and sending two articles that I should have a while back. Today is the day that the Reader comes out. And friends got published. One of them an article about Tijuana that I wanted to write. So he beat me to that. A complicated situation in Tijuana that and the Haitian refugees. Take a look.

Now I have queries to send. Still working on a top not so secret story. Just finished with the editing all the pictures and narrating a story. The point is I have work to do. And my mind is cluttered. And it sucks because it feels like I am working for absolutely no money or no point to it.

At the same time I forgot about TijuanaAdventure, which generates revenue. But giving tours is not something that excites me anymore, and without the passion it just feels like a tedious job. I receive an email for a tour on February. Bachelor tour. It is still a long time from now, but by then I will probably have a better feeling about giving tours again.

The Baja Beer Festival in San Diego for November 11th is still going. Which I still get to curate and keep talking to brewers to convince them to attend the festival. That has slowed down, but I will know it will pick up.

So. I have many jobs I can do. But none are certain. And I am still just hoping for a nice paying steady gig that has me working in a constant manner instead of waking up everyday, wondering what to do, and finished tasks as what is inspiring me at the moment, sometimes I do nothing at all. I just want a steady pay, that I might leave writing behind for a bit for a different job. Hopefully not retail ever again.

I got hungry for a burger. I ate this on Monday and it was fantastic and I want it again:

And because I haven’t bought a gas tank to cook… I’ve been eating something I haven’t in the longest of times. Cereal. Specifically the best cereal. Lucky Charms.

Yes. This was a cheap ploy to post pictures to break up my ramble.

I got work to do. And I better get to it. To remind myself:

  • Send query
  • Write a food review
  • Freelance write some stuff without querying because you got to get better at this stuff and you have a lot of material that you haven’t touch and you should

Whew! Seems easy enough. It’s October already. Halloween coming soon. And a silly reason to want to be making more money is because I want to buy a new costume that’s $30 and I can’t really even afford that. I’ve been a cow for 10 years now and it is time I change costumes to be something else for the next decade!

Year is going fast and got weird. 2017 is going to get weirder. I guarantee it.

————————- No Celebrity! 

Hah! Feels weird. I should post a picture of Nicole Kidman next time. She would blend right in with the background color of my page.

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