Job Cancellations on Post 98 – Toros de Tijuana Beisbol – Adriana Lima

It’s cloudy. There might be rainstorms. I already missed it a bit yesterday, but I might get one of those awesome lightning pictures. It’s been quite some time that I’ve desired this. Probably my whole life.

I had an inspired week. A weird week (like always). A meaningless and meaningful week. A lot of action. A lot of going out. A lot of work. Still wondering if this is real life.

Monday and Tuesday I worked. And I worked a lot. The previous week I had somewhat of a writer’s block. I concentrated on research, reading a lot of articles. In there somewhere I deviated and started reading about something else. And something that stuck with me was “writing is like a muscle, you have to work it out every day.” Most people do. With shitty facebook/twitter/whatever posts. Then it just becomes property of that social media. With this blog, at least I have some control about what belongs to me.

I started writing a huge rant about politics nowadays. It’s a fun time to be a politician critic. Comics never had it easiest. And we thought about that on the last election. We thought that the height of politically comedy was George W. Bush. It wasn’t.

I ended up not writing the rant, though it is still in my mind.

This is post 98. Post 100 seems like a huge milestone on this blog. I will be changing the format. Ch-ch-ch-changes!

I want more jobs. I want to be busier. I obviously want more money. But the opposite happened. Just recently I got hit with the news that the beer event I was curating got canceled. The money risk was just too much and the brewers weren’t being supportive enough. More time was needed to do all the logistics.

So I lost another gig. That’s the second gig that was promising and paid nice money that gets canceled on me. The dream of 2016 of making money and living comfortable got cut short. It was way better than 2015. At least I went on an awesome road trip with my friends. I also accomplished way more things. Having a camera also helps a lot.

On Wednesday… with all lost and not much else to lose, I risked it again and asked for a column. I sent an email asking for a column, attached with the long article I was working on (that wasn’t supposed to be long… but it happened). I also send a couple of food review articles.

I got a response an hour or so later. Good news. Stuff got accepted and I was getting paid. Mystery news. I just got paid. No reply on the rest. So I wait. And hope. And seek other gigs because I want more work. (Photography gigs anyone?)

That same Wednesday was the final between Toros de Tijuana y Pericos de Puebla in Serie del Rey of Mexican beisbol (baseball). It was game 6 of the series and a friend got me a ticket (in exchange of camera work). It was one of the best times I’ve had all year. I can’t believe beisbol can be that much fun.

What went on is explained better through this picture gallery:

Pictures and story did well on Imgur (66 upvotes, 1,000+ views, 16 comments). Fun stuff Imgur.

Thursday was a weird trip of a day! After the Toros game, I woke up with absolutely no cash in my wallet. I needed to hit the ATM. I got ready to go out, grabbed some loose change that I always keep (30 pesos), and headed to the ATM. I have to go to Banamex, otherwise I get fucked with ATM and foreign fees.

First Banamex by my house… fucking packed. There’s another one 7 blocks away. Got there. The ATM is not working. Get inside the bank. After waiting for more than 20 minutes, the confused teller tells me to go somewhere else, she can’t help me.

I walk all the way to Plaza Rio to the last Banamex. My card is not fucking working in this ATM either. It’s too early for Plaza Fiesta, but I check it out and eat two birria tacos on the way (there goes my 30 pesos). Border Psycho is closed, but one of the owners is there and I ask if he can see if my card will go through (charged me a beer). It went through. So… of course early beer time:

That’s the double IPA new recipe and the Smoked Porter w/ Maple. Border Psycho never disappoints.

While drinking those beers, I got a text from a friend from LA that he was down in Tijuana. So he joined me for beers. I told him my ATM dilema and I was gonna borrow some cash from him. One last try at an ATM before I leave. SHIT. The ATM line is gigantic…. but the drive-thru ATM there are no cars. I tried the ATM there (feeling guilty pretending I am a car). AND IT WORKED!

Then tried to Uber back… Uber says my card doesn’t have funds. Try it a few minutes later… IT WORKED! I have no idea what is going on with my card… I’ve been using it now and it works. I’m out of cash again, so I gotta go to the bank soon and check if it works… but it will probably work.

Going back to that Thursday… hung out with my friend. But I still had work to finish. So I came back home and finished and sent an article and also published that beisbol Imgur album story.

Beaten up by a crazy Wednesday and an unexpected Thursday… Friday I basically just rested. I got paid as well. So YAY! I did some light work and played video games with a friend. That was my Friday.

Saturday was weekend soccer day. Gallos Blancos (my team) was playing against Monterrey at 3 pm. It wasn’t showing on my tv, so I was kinda forced to go out and watch it (I didn’t want to stream it). They won 1-0. I had three IPAs in that interim. I came back home, watched more soccer matches and passed out early. Woke up at around 9:30 pm with hunger and cravings to go out to party…

A friend hit me up that he just broke up with his girlfriend and wanted to get drunk. LA friend also hit me up that he was out and about. We all got together and shitnado happened (a tornado of shit). At least it was good shit on my end. Partied till like 4 a.m. Weird things happened. The weird moment was this hot chick coming up to me and saying “Your name is Mateo, right?” I just nodded and said yes, and she giggled and ran away…. I have no idea what the fuck that was all about.

Sunday was tired semi-hungover family and football day. Went out to eat with the family. Came back home and watched football all day (and did some light work). NFL was awesome again. I like football season as dumb as it may be.

Now for the rest of my week. I have to interview someone that I have been wanting to interview for more than 2 years. Should be simple. But knowing me… the simple is the complex and the complex is the simple. I have a semi-tour later on today. And I also should be doing one or two food articles like every week. I just got to decide which ones (so many options… and I should do San Diego for a change).

———————————- Adriana Lima
Well… I was such a shitty photographer when I started. I only have two folders of Adriana Lima and they are both old. And I actually don’t remember her after. Both folders are from when my hard drive wasn’t even organized. All I remember is that there’s a picture of Adriana Lima sticking her tongue out at me… and it’s BLURRY. My brother gave me so much shit for that.


july-14-2008    img_8040  Both low light and flash shots are so bad…


Blurry shot of her sticking her tongue out at me :( Also.. that dude is Marko Jaric… who later became her ex-husband).

Again.. horrible pics. And it doesn’t even look like Adriana Lima.

I’m glad I got much better than this. But anyway… horrible pics of Adriana Lima. I thought I had better ones.

Next week will be post 99! Who will the next celebrity be?! Only 2 more left…

Ok. Time to shower. Work. More coffee. Then more work. And a tour.

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