Survived Being Broke – Time to Work on Drinking More Beer – Alessandra Ambrosio

Being broke wasn’t that horrible. Like I said… I’m used to it. At least this time I was broke by choice: I went on a long vacation trip and spent over $1,000 in a couple of weeks. Mea culpa.

All of last year I was broke barely making enough to live, but that wasn’t much by choice. I did the same virtually for the past 5 years, barely scraping by. 2016 was supposed to be different. I got a more steady job that was going to make me a comfortable amount of money every month while I worked on more stuff to for money to save and to purchase new toys.

That job never really fully materialized. It was more like a tease, like a “hey, look at all this money you could be making.” I got to send some emails to see what is going on. Otherwise, I need to find some sort of cushion job for my freelance gigs.

Speaking of gigs. I landed a gig being the beer curator for a Baja Craft Beer event during San Diego’s Beer Week (obviously, in San Diego). It pays fairly well if I get brewers convinced to do the thing. So I get to drink more beer, talk about beer, meet new brewers, and organize a kickass event (and actually get paid to do it). That’s what I have coming up this week. Got to do a tour of Baja and its beers while talking business. This might open future doors to more things, but we’ll see what happens. The event is November 11th in Liberty Station at Point Loma. We expect more than 600+ people to attend.

If you are a Baja Brewer (which I doubt) here’s the application.

Now this last week was fairly nice. And I didn’t spend much money. I actually spend around $100 for the two weeks after vacation. I finally got paid, so now I can’t bitch about being broke, and I have a lot of work to finish. I’m finally getting back in the groove. Remembering what it is that I do to survive in this wacky border life that I lead.

Monday was cool. It was my roommate’s girlfriend birthday (week/month) so we went out for fancy drinks (hint, I didn’t pay for mine). Then we went to Big Boy restaurant for dinner since the restaurant we wanted had just closed. Of course before all of this I did some work researching some local burgers.

Tuesday I had to research a bit more burgers and wrote a story in reply to my Hollywood Stars story. So… I think I found my favorite burger in Tijuana. I had Maquina 65 before and I thought it was ok. Their octopus, bacon, and pesto burger was a bit salty, but good. I tried their Queso Panela burger and it’s just beyond greatness. It is also a cheat code to deliver one of my favorite cheeses in an awesome burger. Anyway, it was research, research that I shall repeat.

Wednesday I was going to go to a baseball game in Tijuana (Toros semifinal). But the extra ticket I thought I was going to get, went to someone else. I got stuck doing nothing, so I went to hang out with my brother for a while. Yep yep yep… I also did a bunch of work from home. Also, I saw two kitties hanging out by my brother’s house.

Thursday I did nothing but be lazy. I shouldn’t have. I worked on finishing Super Mario 3D World Land… I have like 5 stars to go and I complete most of the game (missing some stamps and flagpoles).

Friday carried on with a similar tune. A confirmation email telling me that I got paid did not help to push me work. Since I was finally getting paid, and I did an incredible job of barely spending any money, I sorta had money leftover for the weekend. I went out on a date. And again, I barely spent any money. I had tickets for a thing that had free beer, so that went great.

Saturday I met with a friend that owed me some cash, helped him navigate the city for a bit, and hung out at night.

Sunday payment finally came in. And I decided to be sober and not do anything but watch all of the Narcos series. Yep. I watched it all last night. I started around 4 pm and ended at around 2 am. I just couldn’t help it. You can’t just pause the series and catch on later. It’s super binge watchable.

I wished I had the willpower to stop after one or two episodes and save the rest of the show for later. Alas, I am weak. I couldn’t stop watching it. Highly recommend it all, though at some points it had a “novela feel.” It seemed like Wagner Moura learned a lot of Spanish between season 1 and 2, you can still tell he is Brazilian, but not on every word like before. The ending was a tad confusing. It’s not like I’m spoiling it for anyone, because everyone knows that Pablo Escobar dies at the end. But at the very end, they made it seemed like a Season 3 was coming. Narcos without Pablo Escobar. The drama might continue…?

Anyway. Tl;dr – All is fluctuating. And after two weeks of being back, I finally feel like I am truly back.

This week I have a couple days to finish an article I pitched (between today and tomorrow I’ll get it done). Then I have brewery tour with the people from the event in San Diego. Should be a fun busy week with a lot of beer drinking, fancy eating, pictures, connections, and more.

And now… the beautiful Alessandra Ambrosio!!!

———————- Alessandra Ambrosio

This is probably the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in person. I previously talked about other pretty girls, like Miranda Kerr, who I tried hitting on. Also about Gisele Bundchen who I don’t really find attractive but she was nice to me. Or of Audrina Patridge who is my absolute favorite girl because she was always so nice to me and I felt some sort of connection shooting her for some reason. I also saw Adriana Lima and many other Victoria Secret models, Halle Berry, Victoria Beckham, almost everyone… but none… none… SERIOUSLY… none come close to the beautiful Alessandra Ambrosio (maybe Audrina).

Anyway… I edited 17 pictures of 4 different sets of Alessandra. I know I have way more, but 17 sounds like enough and I got other shit to do today.

First set is from April 13, 2009. To be honest, I barely remember any of the sets… I just remember how stunning she is. She doesn’t even try to be cute or hot or anything and looks excellent. Yep. Dream wife for sure.

See! Gorgeous!

Second set she didn’t seem to be into it. I blame some idiot that worked for another agency that shoved a video camera to celebrities’ faces. She wasn’t cool because of idiots like that. This is from April 21, 2009.
april 21 09

april 21 099

april 21 0999

Then the best set (that I found, cuz there’s others) is from June 2nd, 2009 with her baby and husband (boyfriend or whatever).

I love reflection pictures…

I don’t think this is my picture… but it’s great and it’s in my folder. I had the other angle.

That angle.

And finally… a couple pictures from November 17, 2010. I know I saw her way more than that… but this is what I found quick searching my hard drive.

November 17 2010

Nove 17 2010

And now I gotta shower and do some work. Send some emails and meet up with some peeps to show them around Tijuana. Fun stuff. Soon.. more fun stuff. Pay rent, pay bills, pay stuff, and be semi-broke again. Gotta work a lot to not be broke. Shouldn’t be that hard.

By the way… this was post #96. I realized #100 will be the first week of October. The year is already coming to an end. My blog 100 is coming soon. 2016 went quick and I didn’t meet most of my goals. But I did do a lot of work and grew a bunch. I finally went on vacation and I feel situated in life. Going on the right path, though many times I ask myself if I chose the right one. I’m sticking with it for a while though.

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