Grumpmaster Matt – Starfox is AWESOME – Paul Rudd

It was a weird week.

I feel like I say that every single week. I just can’t help it. Tijuana is a weird place and it makes weird days and nights.

Last week I said I was pretty down, well, this week I was a grumpmaster. Monday that I was a bit down, I decided to get the fuck out of the apartment to try to get shots of fireworks. For some reason, I thought Hong Kong (the strip club, not the city) was going to have fireworks for the 4th of July. They didn’t. But I got pictures of fireworks of San Diego from south of the border. I was too far, so the pictures didn’t come out really great. This was the best one…

On Tuesday I sent two food articles. The ones I worked on the previous week. But the big story I had been working on… well… now it’s on hold (not by the editors, but by myself, I need more time). One of the food stories got published on Sunday… HERE IT IS. It’s about one of my favorite tacos of all times. GUHHH I’m hungry now, I should get a couple of tacos soon.

Anyway, that same Tuesday I needed pictures of the electric shocks street vendor because my story comes out soon (July 13th) and I still didn’t have a quality picture. I had two backups, one by a TJ photographer who was pretentiously asking for money and the other from an online source from a post in Argentina. It was my story. I WANTED MY PICTURE.

So I recruited a random street team to come drink with me at one of the diviest bars in Tijuana. I bought the cheap beer for everyone while waited for the electric shocks vendor. I had a large group, mixed Mexicans and Americans, guys and gals. It would have been perfect. But he never showed up. No pictures :( Just one of my friend Pinche Paco. It’s a great picture, but he is being a whiney butthole and doesn’t allow me to post it.

Tuesday Failure.

Wednesday I was helping my tocayo Furlong finding furniture for his new place in Tijuana, when my friend Ramon called me. “I FOUND ONE,” he basically shouted on the phone. He was referring to the electric shocks vendor. Though it was the middle of the day (rare to see a shock vendor) I rushed to Zona Norte to drink with my friend Ramon who told the vendor I was going to give him money for his story.

I bought the beer and gave the dude some cash so he can join us, take some pictures, and of course, electrocute us with his box thingy. It was a weird experience. Dude barely made sense. Definitely had some mental issues, most likely associated with old age and alcoholism. But who knows. It was weird and he started following me home after we said goodbye (twice). So we had to run… I felt bad, but I didn’t want the dude following me home.

BUT the important thing is I got the pictures for the story. Here are my favorite 4:

And of course… myself getting electrocuted (picture by my friend, and amazing artist, Ramon García).

After drinking beer and getting electrocuted, I came home to find out that my roommate has finally made it home. He is gone now, so I’m living by myself again. He is barely here. So… because he is never here, we went out drinking, though I was already pretty drunk.

We went to Buda Burgers, but he had no burgers, but he did have craft beer that he kept pouring free of charge… So we just drank a lot, I was too drunk and couldn’t drink no more, so I went home. Roommate on the other hand stayed there till forever. Craziness ensued he told me in the morning….

On Thursday we went to a fancy schmancy restaurant in Tijuana. I had heard of it, bad things only, so I expected the worst. Mind you, an overpriced worst.

A type of place that judges you by what you are wearing and doesn’t let you in if you are wearing shorts or tennis shoes instead of nice polished brand black shoes. That’s what it looks like. That’s what they made it sound like… I WAS SO FUCKING WRONG.

There was no pretentious attitude, place is still fancy as fuck and almost everyone was dressed up. But there was no fucks given about our shit appearance. Place reminded me a lot of San Francisco.

The cocktails that were mixed by an 18 year old cute bartender were on point. They were more than just on point, they were fucktastic. Easily the best cocktail in town. And I thought I was going to get overpriced bullshit. We met with the owner, he did say that he was inspired by San Francisco… Place was magic.

The food was fantastic too. The Taco Negro (charred fish taco) was my least favorite, but it was still good. The ceviche de tomate was interesting, but with no fishy, I wouldn’t consider it ceviche (great for vegans though). My favorite was by far the cauliflower with cheese and bacon, it was really fucking good. Not pictured, three tacos de borrego that were pretty decent but nothing out of this planet. Other food looked amazing, but we were there too drink…. AND THE RESTAURANT, has a speakeasy in the back. It’s pretty amazing. I went to the bathroom twice and didn’t even noticed that there was a secret door next to the bathroom door that led to another bar. Pretty amazing shit. I was blown away. Place is pricey, but totally worth it.

After the bar I was pretty drunk and wanting to go home. But of course my roommate is insatiable, so we ended up in my favorite dive bar. As soon as I got there, I knew I didn’t want to be there but my bed. I got grumpy. Like REALLY grumpy. I fought with my friends over some silliness and fucking bounced.

I woke up Friday really grumpy. I tried working. Wrote a few hundred words that ended up being deleted that I will need to re-write soon. The grumpiness stayed with me for a while. Practically for the whole weekend… Didn’t go out on Friday. Stayed home. Played StarFox.

Saturday, same thing. Except it was my mom’s birthday, so I had to go give her a present and hang out with her because I love my mom. Of course family was there.

We went to the beach for some fun times and for naked baby to have fun in the water. Naked baby also decided he can fly:

I went home and was going to my friend Ramon’s birthday party. But I was tired, and I wanted to play StarFox.

I did the same all of Sunday. I watched the Euro final (fuck you Portugal, that was horrid). And then StarFox all day.

StarFox for the Wii U is fucking amazing. I don’t get the critics that bitched about the controls and gave up without really trying. Remember when the N64 came out?! Those controllers were also shit. But you grinded through them, learned to master them, and had a fantastic time. StarFox is tough. Really tough. Just like the original version. It’s also fresh. It reminds me so much of my teen years the first time I played the 64 version. Critics bitched about graphics being to polygonal… uhh that’s the point? StarFox and almost all of Nintendo isn’t supposed to be “real.” It’s supposed to be a fantasy.

I MEAN, why the fuck does a Fox that flies in space with a toad, hare, and a falcon have to do anything remotely real looking? They take orders from a fucking dog! They are supposed to look like toys. And they look like toys. Because they are fucking toys.

I barely finished StarFox main game on Sunday, but there’s still so much to discover and replay. This game deserves a higher score than a 9. Critics rated it around a 7 on average, with some giving it a 3 because the controllers were too tough. Fuck you stupid critic. Learn how to use a different controller that’s not your standard videogame controller. That’s the point of it. And it really makes you feel like you are fucking flying.

HAH! And I didn’t even rant about the Euro. I could have written 1,000 words on that shit, but I should wrap this up cuz I’m hungry and I have real work.

Speaking of real work. This week I do have to finish work. Finally a task came in! This one will be cake and I will probably finish it today. Then an editor task as well! I have till the 23rd to finish that, but I plan to finish it before this week ends. Also, a feature story I am working on. So I have a real busy week, with real busy tasks. Not like other weeks were I think I’m busy but I end up doing nothing because I am my own boss and I can mold my deadlines to whatever I feel like it.

At least I have you blog. Monday blog. That pushes me to write all this silly shit on a Monday to get my week started. Oh! And it also needs a celebrity… so…

OMFG! Before I started editing pictures, I realized my keyboard was fucking dirty. So I decided to give it a clean-up. I’ve done this several times where I just put some rubbing alcohol on a paper towel and do a hard scrub. It’s a Mac, it should handle everything, right? I’ve done it more than a few times either, so I had nothing to worry about.

Came back from the kitchen with a sparkling white clean keyboard just to find out it was typing like this:

“Testing /testing /one /two /therere /fuciasfasc /FUCK ?MY ?LIFE ?yep… /THIS /SHIT /IS /FUCKED… /P”

I panicked. I thought my keyboard was gone for good. I read about letting it hang dry for a week or more for it to get fixed. I don’t have a week to be without a keyboard. I was about to go buy a keyboard… no… I knew my parents had an extra one… going to my parents.

But then I read this blog by Dave Meehan and it saved my keyboard’s life. I did a hard reset, restarted my computer, and linked my keyboard back again. It’s working like fucking new!!! I LOVE APPLE! /r/hailcorporate

Ok now, back to editing pics of Paul Rudd.


Paul Rudd

I watched the Netflix original, The Fundamentals of Caring, with Paul Rudd. Selena Gomez is in that movie is as well. I never seen her act except like seconds of Wizards of Waverly Place. She talks like a woman… it’s weird. When I saw her she was just a tiny girl who was nice. Here’s that blog post.

What a sad fucking movie. And like always, Rudd does a fantastic job. He is probably one of the best actors out there. No matter what he does, it makes me smile. And of course I saw him a few times, and he also made me smile. He just seems like a genuinely nice guy, all the time.

Wow. I only have 3 folders of Paul Rudd, but I remember seeing him at least 7 times… I’ve explained in blogs past, but sometimes I would just go to the office and drop the CF cards. I wouldn’t even touch the pictures. So a lot of the pictures I take I actually don’t even have…. The three sets of Paul Rudd that I have, I actually don’t remember.

The first one is from July 12, 2008, which means it was very early in my career. Pictures aren’t great, because I wasn’t good, and probably because I didn’t know who Paul Rudd was.

There is a set of him from October, 16, 2009, but all the pictures are shitty. Apparently I was waiting for Paris Hilton and that was more important, because pics of her are great. So not posting those pics…

The other set is from December 6, 2009. I barely remember, but you can tell how nice of a guy he is. I was waiting for someone else as well, because I barely took pictures and let him be. Oooo just checked. Brooke Shield was behind Paul Rudd… So I focused on her.

rudd z december 6 2009

YAY! That’s all. I should shower and start my week. I was so afraid I lost my keyboard. What a panic. I need to finish something else today as well, then tomorrow I’m off to San Diego to interview someone for a future thingy job YAY! I’m just so happy I actually fixed my keyboard, and that I have a lot of things to do this week.

I forgot. I also have a bachelor party Tijuana Adventure…. Guh. I don’t want to do it, but I predict it will be a lot of fun, I’ll make money and I won’t whine about it after all.

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