Not Loving This Monday, Sorta Down & Much Work – Reddit Meetup – Isabel Lucas

Last blog post I left in a rush because I had a photography mission with Andy. Unfortunately, we failed. We waited for hours in two dive bars in Tijuana for the electric shocks salesman, but he never appeared. I still have that mission…

That’s me drinking in a bar waiting for something to happen. Andy loaned me his 6D with the 16-35mm/2.8f Canon lens, which he insists that I should buy. Not the Canon of course, I still can’t afford that. But the Sigma equivalent is a third of the Canon price and should be able to get it used.

This is what I did with the 6d.


That’s Andy in the back…

And that’s me and Andy being gay.


I feel weird today. It’s July 4th and that doesn’t mean shit. I might go up to my roof because maybe Hong Kong will have fireworks, but other than that, I never really celebrated the 4th of July. I had a great weekend that I rather not talk about, but now that the weekend is gone, I feel a bit sad. Monday Blues that will pass.

Last Tuesday I worked on a food review that I still have saved as a rough draft. Worked on other stuff. But barely remember what I did. I finally enjoyed tap Tuesday in Plaza Fiesta. But best thing of the day is that my cat finally climbed the tree I got him. He is actually on the 4th floor taking a nap right now. It took him 5 days for him to use it and it makes me so happy. Here he is on the third floor:

Wednesday I had a decadent photoshoot…. With a taco. I feel like using my “studio” so I got some tacos to go and did a shoot. Other photos are from some other time with some other camera (I believe my roommate’s Rebel).

I also wrote an article about those tacos that I should finish today (same with the açai bowl). Also, the other Matthew (Furlong) is back in Tijuana. Since my roommate is almost never home, he is staying with me while he finds a place (and I think he found one). We went to Telefonica Gastro Park to eat as his first TJ meal. This was mine:

I also had another steamed bun but pork instead of mushrooms and a lengua sope that was more than decent.

Thursday I did the Reddit meetup. People showed up early! It was fun. I ate these chicken wings before the little party:

Then the crowd arrived and I believe the meeting was a success. This is a very shitty picture I took of the meetup, but I didn’t want everyone to pose for a picture.
And this is what I waste most of my money on…
Friday like a good lad, I finally got to work and did an interview for an article that I need to finish later, and I spent the night at home. The rest of the weekend was a summer weekend non-existent blur dream like fantasy that I still don’t understand what happened (no worries, no drugs). It’s like I went off tangent into another dimension but didn’t go anywhere. It wasn’t a normal weekend. I didn’t even touch the internet!

And now Monday. Monday. Monday. I usually like Mondays and hate Sundays. But this Monday taste like a Sunday and I am tired as fuck. I have a lot of work ahead of me. All that work I keep talking about, and keep procrastinating till the last minute. At least I already did all the structure of the jobs, I just need to actually do it now. Which is the easy part, but also the most tedious part.

Oh… also. Iceland lost :(

That sucks.

Germany won vs Italy and that was an awesome great game. Portugal do not deserve to be where they are at, and I missed the Wales games…

Germany vs France will be a good game, just like the one vs Italy. From the other side, I hope Portugal gets destroyed, or maybe they’ll draw again and barely even make it through. If that’s the case, I hope they really get destroyed in the final. They don’t deserve to be where they are at all. They have been the saddest team in the Euro…

Now… a celebrity. I haven’t chosen one. I’m not sure which one to choose. I’m tired, but I do like reminiscing my LA days.


Isabel Lucas

Why the fuck not?

I don’t really even know who this chick is. I was just going through my hard drive deciding who to choose and I saw the folder for Isabel Lucas because it sounded like the name of a hot chick. Tada! It is a a hot chick. That one that replaced Megan Fox in those shit series of movies, Transformers. Picture are from April 21, 2010. I’m not even going to bother to see if I have more pics of her. I have absolutely no memory of this day which means it was just a standard shoot.

MAT_2456 MAT_2458 (1) MAT_2471 MAT_3327 MAT_3330 MAT_3334
That day I also saw Daisy Fuentes, Jessica Simpson, Cat Deeley, and Brooke Shields.

It’s early Monday. Done with my first responsibility that really is a responsibility, but blog posted and I still have time to do more stuff. Like nap. Then work. Then sleep again because like every week, I procrastinate till the very end. This has been my life. All my life. But at least I get shit done at the end. 

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