I Live in a Swamp of Work – Everything is Going Great – Laila Ali


I started my new gig. It seemed like it was going to be slow at first, but before I knew it, I had several tasks to finish! This is my life now. Wake up earlyish, brew coffee, jump in my computer, fuck around online while I check messages, emails and notifications. 

Drink coffee, start working, responding to work emails and planning the day. When done with a job, breakfast, work out, and then shower. Start another job, organize work, get work done and get ready to go out for lunch or dinner and to work outside the apartment (like what I am doing now).

Watch Copa America while working and hopefully enjoying a beer (yay! Like I am now, but the Stanley Cup is on instead). Work, write, work, write, doubt my existence, and then finish off more work so I can have it ready for the next day and start the process all over again.

It reminds me a lot to years ago when I was a paparazzo… I worked almost daily and at all hours of the day and night. It was a lot of work, it was stressful, but it was so worth it and I loved life.

So I am loving life a lot again. I wake up, I have a lot of tasks to finish, and I get paid for it. It’s not that much of a fun gig, but I rather be doing this than anything else in life right now. Especially getting a San Diego salary living in Tijuana. A lot of people do this, and I guess it’s the key to this city so it can be a Hipster Paradise. Now.. this is how my week went.

On Tuesday I went to eat Tortas Ahogadas to write a food review, which is going to be published tomorrow.

I also enjoyed tap Tuesday from an early hour and ended up going home early. I took a picture of Hops & Dreams by Madueño Brewery. The pic got some traction on reddit.

Wednesday I was introduced to my new job and got my first task. I worked on my homework and on a Tijuana Adventure post. Don’t remember quite well if I got much accomplished that day. I also took these pics.

Thursday I worked more. To be honest, I’ve been waking up to write a lot now, that I am forgetting what I do. But it was more work. I remember I celebrated with a big piece of rib eye and a beer at Telefonica.

Friday was awesome. I rounded up all my work, send many emails and ended up getting more work! After all the daily grind, I still had more work which is not really work. I had a TijuanaAdventure tour which was fun as fuck and got paid. It was three accountants from Seattle and one from Pittsburgh, we drank craft beer, ate street tacos, took shots of mezcal, more craft beer and then….. More…. The guy who emailed me left a glowing 5-star review:


Saturday all I wanted to do was work, stay at home, and play videogames. I had everything to ready for an extremely lazy Saturday. Plans got foiled… At least in a good way. Another Tijuana Adventure! An impromptu one with Andy, his girlfriend and more friends. I sold some camera gear to Andy and traded for a flash, so now I have a flash. Before putting in my new flash, I had this happy accident of a picture.

We drank again, street tacos, more mezcal and more beer! And of course, took many pictures like everytimg Andy is in Tijuana.

Both nights I had to drink a red bull for survival. I haven’t had a red bull for years… It used be a regular thing for me to drink energy drinks, I might start doing it more often soon.

Saturday plans turned into a Sunday reality. I played Yoshi’s Island for hours, did a bunch of work, ordered delivery pizza by phone, ordered delivery beer through an app… Crazy future.

Now Monday. I woke up to more work, in need to finish more work and of course, to write in this blog (which is already way longer than I intended it to be).

The week will be finishing more work, and every week for the rest of my days until I decide to stop (or they stop sending me work). Because it’s a sweet gig, and I’ll keep doing it. The more I do it, the easier it becomes, the more I get paid. And boy do I want to get paid. I haven’t had any real purchasing power in years!


Laila Ali

My choice of celebrity is obvious, the daughter of the fame boxer Muhammad Ali, and fame undefeated boxer herself, Laila Ali.

I thought I saw her more than once, because I remember my TMZ friend interviewing her. But according to my hard drive I only saw her once and very early on my career. And very early on that my pictures were indeed shitty. That same week I have a folder called Celebrities at LAX, they don’t look like celebrities and pictures are horrible. And I also have a folder named Charlize Shit. That’s because Charlize Theron is difficult to get and I was really bad at pictures.

Anyway. I remember Laila being cool. The pictures don’t show it. But I am sure she was cool.

Pictures are from June 11, 2008. So basically 5 days from now, 8 years back. Shit. Where has time gone!?

IMG_1350 IMG_1358 IMG_6864

Guh.. those are horrible pictures. They were shot with a 40D and a 30D and I was bad… and shy… and BAD!

Anyway… I went from a beeraholic to a workaholic… but still a beeraholic. It’s nice that I can work while drinking a beer.

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