I Didn’t Do Any of The Work I Said I Was Going To Do – Jocelyn Wildenstein (Cat Lady)

I didn’t do any work last week. Well… ok. I did some.

But for the most part, I WAS CELEBRATING.

My first cover on the Reader came out last week and it’s about beer. And since I love beer. I drank beer a lot.

Click on the image to read:
reader cover
This is my second cover in a magazine. My first one was Lindsay Lohan in Hawaii for Life & Style. What weird turns my life takes.

I originally wrote that back in December and got paid for it. Once I knew it was going to be a cover, I re-wrote the whole thing to make it more complete. Getting the cover is similar to the thrill of hitting the front page. It comes with the good and it comes with the bad. I like the attention, but dislike the attention. I am bipolar like that. In a way, I like criticism better than I do praise. In general, I dislike attention, but it is somehow my job, so I am required to keep acquiring it. The more attention the better.

Wow. That attention phrase made no sense.

I went to San Diego on Wednesday and I grabbed a huge stack of magazines to give to the breweries. The story for the most part has been well received. My favorite part is probably that I called Pinche Paco… Pinche Paco.

Having Tijuana on the cover was a cause for celebration. Norte offered me free beers. After all, I probably have spend 10% of my salary or more drinking there. I still love the place and their beers. It is my favorite place in Tijuana.

Thursday I kept celebrating. I blacked out and don’t remember much of what happened during the night. Almost as if I had taken a forget-me-not.

Friday I ate way too much chicken and Voodoo Stu’s. I went to Nelson’s Bar to see Gallos Blancos win 2-1 vs Pumas, couldn’t even finish my caguama, went home and passed out on the second round of Jeopardy (before 8 pm). I woke up at 8 a.m. It was time to keep celebrating.

Saturday was awesome. And probably the only work I did during the week. It was a Tijuana Adventure. For more detail, go read the blog over there. Oh yeah. That’s the other work I’ve been doing. Changing the whole Tijuana Adventure thing to make it less about tours and more adventures. Inviting other writes, changing the format, actually writing on the blog, still debating wtf to charge for tours, regretting not taking my camera. But overall… SATURDAY was awesome.

Sunday was pretty great as well and another Tijuana Adventure. I met up with my friend Justin who is moving to Tijuana soon. He is taking over a Chilean girl’s apartment while she goes visit her motherland. I hung out with the Chilean, Justin and Danger Dave drinking beers and eating amazing delicious food again by Voodoo Stu (I’m so fucking predictable).

Mah food

Danger Dave Justin and Ingrid
Speaking of being so fucking predictable, yes, when I get paid I don’t work much. But I need to get my shit together because I’m a nerd and I want to buy a Wii-U to play Smash Bros. Besides just the Wii-U, I want shit again. So I am still hoping to get a job with an actual boss to whip my ass to work. Otherwise, I’ll continue to get satisfied with a small check that is really gigantic in Tijuana (but it would be nothing in San Diego).

So.. I SHOULD REALLY GET TO WORK. Oh… and I forgot. I also did a reddit meeting for /r/Tijuana and became a mod of that sub. It went well. Meeting redditors is always cool. I should learn how to be a mod though, because I am a shitty mod so far. I’m trying to make the /r/Tijuana page grow to be compared to /r/SanDiego or /r/Mexico. A few lurkers, not that many posts.

Now the celebrity that has to do with nothing but for some reason I was thinking of her. Jocelyn Wildenstein, aka, Cat Lady.
——————————————– Jocelyn Wildenstein

The first time I saw Jocelyn was in my way early years (2007) when working with my brother. I didn’t even have a camera back then, just a videocamera, and not a good one (such a noob). So I obviously don’t have pictures of that occasion.

The second time I saw her I barely have a recollection. I just knew I saw her and that the pictures made it to Perez Hilton, other blogs and some magazines. I believe I was working alone and I know the pictures exclusive. Pictures are from April 15, 2010.

MAT_1528 MAT_1544 MAT_1556 MAT_1564 MAT_1605 MAT_1610 april 15 2010z Jocelyn Wildenstein Perez z Jocelyn Wildenstein Radar

There you have it folks. Now I’ll either get back to work or get back to drinking. What will happen?! FIND OUT NEXT WEEK!

No. Seriously. I should work. It’s May. Almost halfway through the year. I’ll be 30 in 2 weeks and I’m still a broke ass. Much better than February. But still can be way better.

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