It Smells Like Summer – Stopping the Party, Getting To Work – George Clooney

The Tijuana party lifestyle can easily absorb you. It’s so cheap to eat and drink that whenever I have some cash in the bank I feel entitled to not work and just party. It goes against my goals for the year, since I want to be working more and making much more money, but it’s so tough when you are your own boss and you live in Tijuana.

Great things happened this last week too, which made me want to celebrate even more. I kept drinking and eating, and sleeping early, barely working. The work I did, was unpaid. I was going to tour five Irish professional rugby players on Saturday, it sounded like a blast, it also sounded like I was going to need all my energy. So instead of doing some work, I saved my energy for the tour. They canceled last minute. With no tour, but energy saved, I continued my week of drinking and eating.

I only sent one article last week, it was about this place called Grater Grilled Cheese Bistro:

This restaurant review still hasn’t come out, but should sometime soon.

On Wednesday, a story came out that made me really happy. It was an article I sent months ago and my first accepted feature story, it finally got published.

It’s about ghost buildings in Tijuana and the story was well received from the comments. Click here to read and share your thoughts!

That same Wednesday, the Reader photographer came down again to finish some pics that we were missing for an upcoming article. Beers and food were involved again. My roommate was also around and for some reason I became a party animal. Didn’t come back home until dawn and decided that I was above sleep. I thought I would manage Thursday as if I had slept, but at around 9 am I crashed hard and slept until almost dusk.

Thursday went mostly to waste. The only thing I manage was to go to a new park to take pictures for an article I said I would deliver by Friday. I haven’t. As soon as I am done with this blog entry, I shall work on that. And then I have much more work for the week for stories I pitched that now I have to work. I ate at Voodoo Stu’s and started my beer drinking.

Friday I started working on the article, but the lack of inspiration and that Gallos Blancos was playing vs America later in the evening distracted me enough to not finish the job. I went to the new park again, to absorb the energy and try to get inspired, but not much came to me. I bet $12.50 that Gallos Blancos would win, they did, I won $45. I also met with a friend from San Diego (originally from Minneapolis) who brought his friend for the first time to Tijuana. Though I was tired of partying, we did more partying. I also ate at Voodoo Stu’s and started my beer drinking.

Saturday I wanted to work, but decided to save my energy for the tour with the Irish rugby players. Like I mentioned it before, they canceled. I got somewhat depressed. I hate cancellations, especially because it ruined my plans, I wasted time and I didn’t get $150 I was expecting to earn. I turned to drinking again but at least slept early. Again, I ate at Voodoo Stu’s and started my beer drinking.

Sunday finally came and though I wanted just to rest and that was my plan. But two friends who I haven’t seen in months visited me. It was also the hottest day of the year, so more drinking entailed. I was supposed to be at a meeting with my friends to discuss Tijuana Rumble Fest III, but I got impatient and I threw a hissy fit for the lack of organization and bailed. And you guessed it, I went to Voodoo Stu’s and started my beer drinking. Later that night I went to a punk show that made me feel old even though everyone in the crowd was older than me. Only band that was worth it was the closer, my friends of DFMK are true punk mother fucking rockers.

Now Monday. I have much work ahead. Stories I pitched that will be complicated to do and very difficult interviews to get. Though I still have plenty of cash to keep enjoying Tijuana’s cheap eat and drinks, I shall stay away from temptation. Speaking of temptation, George motherfucking Clooney.


George Clooney

Señor Clooney was one of those top three dudes I had on my list that people always asked me if I have seen. I saw him once. It was very brief and he seemed quite cool about everything (from what my memory tells me). I was probably just thinking the whole time, damn! Clooney! He is on my list of people I haven’t shot.

Clooney has a lifestyle that most men would like to imitate, and for some reason, I feel like my path is similar. Not in the way that I’ll be a famous rich handsome actor but in the way he is in the movie Up In The Air (which is great). I think that character was close to his true persona, I don’t think I’ll ever settle down. Also, I love the movie From Dusk Till Daw.

So here he is, Clooney and his funny faces at LAX. Pictures are from April 25, 2010. Basically, Clooney six years ago. Damn have I been in Tijuana for a long long time that my paparazzi years now seem ages ago.

MAT_3060 MAT_3073

MAT_3124 MAT_3108 MAT_3100

George Clooney Radar

Until next week! Where I expect to have even more good news, less partying and much much much work. April has been good to me. May is coming. It smells like summer. Summers are great.

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