Casino Money = Fun Weekend – Jamie Chung

Work more work and more work is still my plan. I started to get sick again last Tuesday, I am still somewhat sick today. So it’s been a week of congested nose and coughing mucus. It doesn’t affect me much, I feel great and I went out partying on the weekend, woke up each time feeling alright.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I spent working in my room. Thursday was probably the day I felt the shittiest that I did little work and still stayed home.

On Wednesday, a friend from LA visited and though I was sick, I took her out for a bit. Thus I felt the shittiest on Thursday.

Friday my plans got spoiled more than thrice…. But it turned out to be an amazing night.

My friend Justin was supposed to pick me up early afternoon to go to the inauguration of Toros baseball team. He never picked me up (later he told me he had issues crossing the border). I was also supposed to go to the office for a mini-party and to pick up my check (I am on my way to pick up my check as I write this in the trolley in San Diego). And Gallos Blancos, the only soccer team I truly care about, came to Tijuana to play vs Xolos. I wanted to go to the stadium, but that also fell apart.

Instead I put a bet od $12.50 on Gallos to win. The odds of the bet paid x 3.9. The game was amazeballs. Xolos started dominating hard and scoring 2 goals before the first fifteen minutes. All was lost for me. I had spent money in betting and on beer so I thought I was going to have a boring ass cashless weekend.

I got extra lucky. Gallos Blancos somehow managed to score 4 goals, winning 2-4 and winning me some cash. I got paid $59 and change. It’s amazing how $60 buys me a fun filled weekend in Tijuana drinking premium craft beer and food to eat like a king.

That’s what I did on Saturday and Sunday. With not much going on, without the desire to work and a tad bored, all I did was day drink craft beer and eat all day and night (the consequence was me sleeping before midnight and waking up early in the morning). It was a weekend of gluttony sponsored with casino money.


Jamie Chung

On my sick Thursday I basically just watched a bunch of Netflix all day. I watched The Hangover Two, which was obviously stupid silly. I never saw Galifianakis in person (that I remember), but I remember seeing the rest of the cast (especially Ken Jeong, who was awesome). Jamie Chung I don’t remember shooting her, what I remember the most is the day I went to visit my brother in LA with my cousins from Guadalajara. I had already quit the job, I was just visiting LA.

We parked in some corner near Melrose, close to a part I forgot the name of but it is a known spot to see celebrities. My brother went into some shitty store of some sort. When he came out, Jamie Chung was walking by the sidewalk nearby. I had two basset-hound puppies that my other brother gave to me to take care off. Jamie Chung saw the puppies and immediately fell in love. She cuddled with the puppies, chatted with us and let my brother take as many pictures as he wanted and then we got jumped by another photographer. Jumping in this case is not assault, is just interrupting an exclusive shoot, heavily dropping the price of the pictures.

Anyway, here is a picture of me with Jamie Chung and a puppy (the other puppy was sleeping in the car). Picture is from sometime in January of 2012… 

I looked through my hard drive and did  not find any pictures of Jamie Chung. So I guess she was someone I never saw until this one time above. There are more pics, but I do not have them or own them.

Also, I’m a day late. Like I said. I wrote all of the above while riding the trolley. Then I met my roommate in a shitty Mexican bar in San Diego and … well.. the night escalated heavily from there and I didn’t make it back home until like 3 am. Tuesday now and I have a lot of work to do.

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