Working for Nothing – Partying with No Money – Nina Dobrev and her In & Out

I’m still broke and I didn’t even pay the rent in full. I don’t get paid until the weekend and I am not sure how much I am getting. Because I am broke, I WORKED MY ASS OFF this past week. But it was for nothing. Editors have me on hold and my hopes lessen each passing day. But I have no other choice but move forward and keep working. I really want the office job I was gunning for, but it went to two other people (not because I competed against them, just because I was late). If more jobs open up in the same office, they’ll let me know and then I can apply in a formal manner and get the job. I might have to wait a few months to a year….

One of my Tijuana Adventures canceled :( So now I only have one next week and I needed the money from both….

I like how last week I said that my party days are coming to an end and this last week I did the complete opposite. I feel bad because I didn’t spend any money, but if friends are buying me food and drinks, I can’t say no. It does feel weird to bum from friends…

Tuesday I went to my favorite brewery because according to myself, I wasn’t going to be able to drink any other day of the week and Tuesdays beers are 40% off. (WOO tap Tuesday!)

Wednesday, a girl wanted to grab drinks with me, so we did. The night ended at 3 a.m. for me, she kept on partying until 11 a.m. and paid for everything.

Thursday I went looking for tacos de birria de chivo (goat tacos). I couldn’t find them, i fact, I went looking for them since the week before with no luck (eating beef birria instead). My roommate arrived, paid rent, I couldn’t pay him in full and then left. It’s cool to have an awesome roommate.

Friday I woke up late, went looking for goat birria again and couldn’t find any. A friend from San Diego came for a job early afternoon so he bought me some beers. I bumped into a friend from Ensenada (and her friend) and I ended up drinking with them all night. King Llama from Los Angeles arrived late at night and I partied with them! They played an awesome show and played my favorite song.

Saturday I finally found the very elusive goat taco. I took pictures and interviewed the guys from the taco stand. That same night, a different friend from San Diego came down and also wanted to buy me beers. At the same time a girl from Tinder that I have been chatting with also wanted to buy me drinks. So I ended up drinking with them until the wee hours of the morning.

Sunday I went for more goat tacos (a quesabirria to be precise) and worked on the article about the differences between goat and beef birria. Then I watched the only soccer match I had a chance to watch, it was great, though the night before my team lost like always. I emailed one of the editors to know what is up with my articles, he replied on Monday morning telling me he is thinking about it… so I’m still waiting to know if I am going to get paid or not, but also with more articles at the ready since I worked again all day today and this is why I am late with my blog.

^See how I didn’t describe any work above, so I lied a little bit about WORKING MY ASS OFF, because I did a bunch of work, but nothing is paying me, so I feel like it’s useless to talk about it. I looked for jobs, sent a bunch of emails, worked on several articles, send those in and still nothing. This next week is going to be even more work because I still have nothing. I worked today in an article, tomorrow on another, Wednesday on another, Thursday on one that should be really exciting, Friday I have a tour and then the weekend again and maybe I can enjoy myself a little, to come back on Monday and write again on this blog and KEEP WORKING.


Nina Dobrev

I had no idea who Nina Dobrev was when I first took a picture of her, I have no idea who she is till this day. I know something about vampires or whatever. I should google it real quick.

Guh.. yeah. She is not in my radar at all. I knew she was on something vampires, but I don’t recognize anything else except Perks of Being a Wallflower (cool movie). It’s cool that she is Bulgarian and close to my age. I remember she was always super nice and easy shoot, well you can see her smiling in almost all the pictures. Her claim to fame seems to be the year 2010 and guess what… all my pictures are from that year.

I was going to post pictures of Ashley Greene cuz she was also always really cool. Then I thought about Ryan Gosling because my story with him it’s pretty random (and the pictures are great). After that I thought maybe I should post about John Stamos because I remember him being super nice and I’ve watched two episodes of Fuller House. But the girl I mentioned on last week’s post told me I should do Nina because they look alike (yep, they are both pretty). So I might post pictures of all the ones I just mentioned later on (keep on tuning… if that’s something you say on blogs… )

Anyway… here are my best pics of Nina Dobrev:

First time I saw her was on February 15th of 2010 and I had trouble recognizing her. She was carrying a bag of In & Out, cuz fuck flying out of California without some In & Out goodies (fuck. I’m hungry now).

feb (1) feb1
feb a
february 15 2010

Then I guess I saw her arriving on March 3rd, just a few weeks later (I think her show shot in Canada or something). I think the dude was Ian Sommerhalder (FUCK I don’t even know why I know that name, I have no idea who he is except he was in the same vampire shit show).
march March 3 2010

march b

march a

Next up, May 7th of 2010. You could see my friend shooting on this one. I loved working with this guy. I hated doing video or shooting with the short lens/flash kit, so he usually volunteered (though many times I had to do both as well).
maymay a may 7 2010

Next was May 30th, I saw her a lot in 2010 and never again. You can see fat paparazzo in the background. The dude was always on amphetamines cuz he was trying to lose weight, it made for some crazy ass and unpleasant interactions (not always, but many times).

may 30t
may 30 2010 may 30s  may 300
And finally, last time I saw her was on June 21st, 2010. This time I have no idea who the dude is…
june 21 2010

junez jnnejunnn

Oh… and people that follow or look at my pictures, apparently don’t read anything that I say. ALL THE PICTURES ARE FROM YEARS AGO. I mean… I date all of them. So many people think these are all recent. I quit my job in May of 2011. I do not FOLLOW celebrities anymore. I do have a pretty camera now and I kinda wanna go shoot celebz… but I live in Tijuana.

Until next Monday you!!! … YES! … you! no.. not you! The one next to you. YES. Don’t play stupid. I’m talking to YOU! The one that doesn’t read the blog post, just scrolls and sees pictures of celebrities. You! READ! Well… or don’t. I am a better photographer than writer.

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