First Published Feature Story – More Tj Adventures – Camilla Belle & Minka Kelly

There wasn’t much action this week, just a bunch of cold weather.

Monday I barely remember. I lost at the casino to prove my lucky streak was over, so I forgot about that day.

Tuesday I know I didn’t go out and barely worked.

Wednesday I finally got published on a story I sent on October (and paid the same month). It wasn’t as thrilling as I thought. I had been waiting for it to come out for a while, I was actually feeling nervous. It came out. Nothing changed. I was expecting a cover story and a bunch of reactions, but it ran as an inside feature story and it feels like it was ignored. So far, the article they have paid me the most.

Thursday I went out with my camera to have fun. A show by WORM hosted in Comuna with Voodoo Stu’s as food and an old scary movie played in the background was awesome. Here are the shots of that day. I also got published

Friday I did nothing. I was going out with my camera again, but that my soccer team lost and that the show I was going to seemed overcrowded, I stayed home and waited for Saturday’s insanity.

Saturday came, and I wasn’t getting confirmation about the tour. I went out early with my camera, bumped into some friends, took a bunch of paparazzi pics of people in Tijuana. I got distracted, a friend bought me a beer, and suddenly, I was supposed to start the tour.

Ran to the border. Met the guys. Took em across and drinking began.

We started at Insurgente since they heard of that beer before and wanted to try the tap room. From there to Border Psycho and their dildo taps. Uber to La Corriente Cevicheria Nais for tostadas, tacos and mezcal shots. Walked the streets of Tj like bosses. Made it to Mamut for more beer and mezcal. This is when my night got blurry and I don’t remember a thing. Apparently I was still an awesome host since I took them to two more breweries and then back to the border.


Sunday, was lazy Sunday, almost as always. It was also super rainy and shitty out. I braved the weather to have a hangover meal at Voodoo Stu’s.

Now Monday. Outside the weather is still shitty. Apparently is a holiday, because my breakfast plans went to shit everything closed. Except Ricardo’s a common 50 year old cafe similar to other Mexican cafes like Sanborns or Vips. The meal was actually pretty good and I got a gigantic pot of piss coffee for myself. On my walk home, I went to the casino on an early note. I haven’t lost money like that in there in forever. I could have just thrown it in the trash. When I lose, at least I get some entertainment value. Last week I spent two hours to lose 200 pesos. Today I spent 5 minutes and they were gone. Bitter taste. No more casino for me.

This was my food before throwing my money to the garbage:




Camilla Belle & Minka Kelly
I watched a lot of Netflix this past week. I started watching Jurassic Park The Lost Worlds because I haven’t seen it since it came out. All I remember is that it was terrible. Yep. Didn’t even finish it. But I realized the cute little girl in the beginning is Camilla Belle!

Pictures are from October 8, 2009. That day I also Sharon Stone, Minka Kelly and Whitney Port.



One of those pictures sold a bunch. I remember seeing it in different mags.

Bonus. Pictures of Minka Kelly. I remember I had no idea who she was, she wasn’t even on my list (I was waiting on Stone), but I knew she was someone. It was like 6:00 am…
minka oct (1) minka oct2 (1)
Those pictures also sold…

Now time to get my week started! I have a bunch of stuff to finish. COLD SHOWER here I come….

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