Horrible Week Turns to Awesome Weekend – Olivia Munn

My week couldn’t have started any worse. At least last week I did publish on my blog on a Monday. But after writing in my blog, I went to a bar, took a tequila shot for courage, and I confessed my infatuation for a lesbian girl. It didn’t go well. Why would she care, she likes women. It was a shot at the dark with a success rate of less than .82%, worse even is that I declared my love through a Facebook message.

Trying to separate my emotional life with my financial, the next day I pitched a column I was confident about. “This could either make me or break me,” I wrote on a Facebook status. Turns out I was wrong. The column got rejected, but it open a dialogue with the main editor to work on more feature stories. It was my third rejection after having almost everything accepted. I lost my spirit, but had to pull through.

This is the pitch. Tijuana Matters. MATTers. Get it… ? (screen capped just because)
tj matj mat

I woke up on Thursday at 6 am with a story in mind. I sent it around noon, took a nap, and woke up to the news that I got published. Got hungry and went to eat a burger and also to do work and write another review. On Friday morning I got a couple of emails for Tijuana Adventure and then I went to a cat cafe, again to work on a story. Also my friend Graham visited from Santa Barbara and brought me a gift that will make me happy for a month or more. Graham came for a dentist visit, but stayed to inject Tijuana into his veins, partying with my roommate on Saturday till 9 am.

I couldn’t join them on Saturday because I had a last minute Tijuana Adventure. It was a last minute bachelor party for a guy nicknamed Squints. The tour started at 7 pm and after some small trouble at the border and the taxis, the party was on its way. We started at Plaza Fiesta, grabbing some beers at Border Psycho and Paralelo 28. We then walked to Tacos El Franc, continued walking to El Tinieblo for mezcal, up to Norte Brewing Company for one last craft beer before hitting up the bachelor party debauchery.

I woke up at 9 am to my roommate getting home with Graham. Wild times. Also the bachelor party paid twice the original price I quoted them. Lucky weekend indeed. Except you know, the shit Pats and the shit Broncos won their NFL games (also Gallos Blancos lost). At least I am not emotionally involved in football to care much, but I fucking hate the Pats and the Broncos (and the Cowboys).

Now for this week I have three stories I need to finish quickly so I can start working on a new feature story. This is an article I have been working for more than a year and it should be grand when I finish. The email exchange with the editor was about how he paid for a few of my stories but never published them. I expect them to come out soon!

And holy shit!!! Just to see if luck was really on my side, I went to the casino and quadrupled my money.


Olivia Munn

In completely unrelated news (like almost always), Olivia Munn. I have an autograph picture by her that I am using as a mouse pad. I remember when it happened, Goth the autograph collector was there. Olivia being the awesome person she is, signed over 10 of the photographs Goth presented to her. I asked Goth if he would sell me one, gave me one of them for free since Olivia’s signature was barely visible to the dark background. Olivia Munn also became the subject of my conversation more than a couple of times these past few weeks and I didn’t know she was dating Aaron Rodgers (holy fuck, what an awesome quarterback, he dominated on Jeopardy as well!).

2016-01-07 14.23.46
The autograph picture as a mousepad. The autograph is almost gone :(
Her luggage is fucking awesome.
Flashy flash looking good.
Flashy flash looking over exposed. And the black guy that photobombed all my pics is there photobombing my pics.
A better view of her awesome luggage.
MAT_1768 MAT_1773 MAT_1789
And through TSA! I am always surprised at how good my pictures are… This used to be such a regular thing and I was so desensitized to celebrities…. It’s Olivia fucking Munn looking beautiful and I gave 0 fucks….

According to my hard-drive, the only time I saw Olivia Munn was on October 10, 2010 (aka 10/10/10). That day I also saw Gael García Bernal, Diego Luna and Alfonso Cuarón (story here). And I also saw Eric Bana, Jessica Chastain and Jessica Stroup (I know that Eric Bana was Hulk at some point, I seriously have no idea who the other two are. I think Stroup is from 90210, but I am going to google it). Holy shit! I was right about Jessica Stroup, still no idea about Chastain….

Until next week for more of what used to be my life and what is my life now.

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