Tijuana Adventures are Going to Kill me, Star Wars, Harrison Ford.

I had an unproductive week, yet it was awesome. I managed to get one story published about Dia de Reyes after getting two rejections in a row. The stories that got rejected took me way longer to work on, the one that got published was an anecdote of how Mexican I am. I got paid way less than what I had planned, but somehow I manage to survive (late for rent again).

On Thursday I saw Star Wars with my roommate, his girlfriend, the Brownie Girl and my neighbor. We went to the VIP theater (tickets only $8). Those theaters are fucking awesome. You get a whole reclining couch, a table and a waiter. I bought a beer, a coke (for Brownie Girl) and large popcorn, it was only $9.

The movie was also way better than expected. I am not a huge Star Wars fan. The original trilogy I saw when I was way young and I didn’t care much about them. I know more about Star Wars through videogames and the Family Guy/Robot Chicken parodies (and Spaceballs). The other three I saw on the theaters and thought bleh of them.

On Friday the Mexican soccer league short tournament started. My team, Gallos Blancos de Queretaro, lost 1-3 and they started winning. This coupled with the news that nothing is going to happen with the girl I like threw me in a drunken manic depression. At least I got to eat at my favorite restaurant in Tijuana, Voodoo Stu’s. His fried chicken is the best chicken I ever had. I had two plates. And yes, people say I am gaining weight….

I had an impromptu Tijuana Adventure on Saturday when a friend told me he broke up with his girlfriend and wanted to go wild. We had one beer at Nelson’s Bar at 3 pm and then we headed down to Zona Norte debauchery. After eating tacos, I took a gamble and said fuck it, let’s try this shit strip club for cheap beers before the real action. The place was horrible as a fat stripper danced to a slow song, the waiter gave us 6 Tecates for $10. We drank the beers faster than frat boys when showing off.

We then went to the better strip clubs where all our money disappeared in less than two hours. The night escalated from there. We drank craft beer, got kicked out of a bar, went to two other bars and then my friends from San Diego went back to America. I wanted one more beer before going home and I stumbled into Tropics for one more caguama. A pretty young girl sat next to me and sang Caifanes with the jukebox blasting. I sang with her and chatted her up. My memory is blurry (because Tropics) but I think I kissed her. On my Uber way home I has a Mason Jennings moment.

“Got too drunk, to drive home. In the cab (uber), I grabbed my phone and made a call I might regret, to a girl that I just met”

Sunday was Sunday. NFL Wild Card games, pizza and curing an extreme hangover. This week I have to work a lot, though I am not sure what to write. Restaurant reviews are an easy guarantee, so I will write a couple of those. I also played with the camera for a bit. I am going to get better at this (light painting).




Harrison Ford

I didn’t read any Star Wars spoilers, not even the cast. When Harrison Ford came on screen I was like, fuck yeah!!!! This is awesome. Chewie is also great. My roommate always says I look like a shaved wookie…

I saw other Star Wars people, but I don’t remember much except for Ford. I already posted about Natalie Portman and I am not going to waste my time with Hayden Christensen (I saw him a bunch because of Rachel Bilson).

Ford I saw once and I remember being nervous. The guy I worked with told me he could be weird though a total legend. He was actually very chill, but my frames were kinda shitty as I tried to keep my distance. Exclusive shots for NPG are from October 24, 2010. 

MAT_3509 MAT_3514 MAT_3525 MAT_3538 MAT_3560 MAT_3564

Until next week! More Tijuana Adventures, more of my shenanigans and more random celebrities.

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