Awesome New Years, Endless Sunday, Carrot Top


I usually have a shitty time during New Year’s. Not this year. My brother hosted a dinner party in his house with food by his father-in-law, it was amazing. That party disheveled before midnight, which was excellent because I had planned to take pictures of the fireworks from my rooftop.

Here are a couple pics:
IMG_3100 IMG_3104

Here is the full album including food and family pictures:

My neighbor, David, had a small party in his apartment. It was supposed to be pre-drinks and then an outing. The outing never came and I ended up crashing the party until past 4:00 a.m. Cool people, pretty girls, magnificent host, it was a great time. The neighbor next door played with fireworks and I played with the camera:


The next day felt like a Sunday, though it was Friday. My friends/co-workers from the Reader rented a house in Playas de Tijuana, I crashed that party as well and offered touring them the next day. Not only did I crash it but invited my friend Pinche Paco, the girl I am in love with and her uncle. That party ended early and I slept at my parents.

The following day, again feeling like Sunday, early drinking ensued as I toured them around Playami. We followed the tour with craft beers, nachos and pizza in Plaza Fiesta. I ended that tour early as they wanted to Playas and simply crash. Before walking all the way home, I went for one last beer. I bumped into my neighbor with other girls at Border Psycho. I blinked my eyes and the night escalated quickly. I was suddenly in full party mode, taking tequila shots, walking from party to party.

Here are the pictures by Andy:

I woke up on real Sunday, really hungover, really feeling like Sunday when I remembered I had a private Tijuana Adventure (this usually ends in strip clubs). Again drinking and partying for me, this time, getting paid to do so. I am not complaining, it’s just tiring. Nevertheless, it was fun times and I ended with more money in my wallet than the previous day.

Again, I woke up today with the feeling of a Sunday. The shitty weather outside wasn’t helping. I wasn’t very productive today, only thing I managed was to shower, reply to several emails and write this entry. As of now, I haven’t decided what celebrity I am posting. I am leaning towards Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed or Jamie Chung.

Carrot Top

Ok Ok…. so a friend and fellow paparazzi, Ryan Fu (you should check out his blog), suggested Carrot Top. Of course I saw this bizarre excuse for a human. I barely have any memories of it, but I have a few frames that are horrible. I did not care much about taking his picture since I knew it wouldn’t sell (and if it did, maybe just for $10). So here are the pictures of Carrot Top (Scott Thompson), listing who else I saw that day. No disrespect to Carrot Top, but you are worthless and prop comedy is fucking shit. You were pretty good on the Trailer Park Boys movie though.

First time I saw him (according to my hard drive), was on February 4, 2009. That same day I saw Alessandra Ambrossio (who I should be posting pictures off instead), Elizabeth Hurley, Brooke Shields, Tim Matheson and a bunch of people from the then “new” Star Trek movie (including Zoe Saldana).
feb 4 09 (1)

Second time I have him on record was November 20, 2009. That day I also saw Derek Hough, Fergie, Jon Gosselin, Kellan Lutz, Ken Jeong, Kim Zolciak, Meg Ryan, Nadine Coyle and Russell Simmons.

 nov 20 09 carr (1)nov 20 09 (1)

And finally, again on February 4, but of 2010. I saw Carrot Top going through TSA and didn’t even bothered him. I also saw Alice Eve, Emmy Rossum, Jersey Shore people, and Kellan Lutz again. Weird… I saw Kellan Lutz and Carrot Top the same exact day but in different years.

feb 4 2010
I was two days late on my blog. Not a good way to start the year. I also got rejected twice which I didn’t expect, at the same time, my review of the band The 1975 got published and I didn’t expect that one to go through. I’m pretty broke right now, but it all points out that 2016 will be a way better year. I just need to FUCKING WORK. Sorry for being late (to myself, in you haven’t noticed, I talk to myself a lot in here. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER MATINGAS).

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