Obsessed with Photography – Awesome Week Now I am Sick – Antoine Dodson

I had an awesome week.

Today I slept all day because I woke up feeling really sick. Like always, a tad late on a Monday but my blog post will be up.

On Tuesday, I accompanied a friend to watch the band The 1975. They were terrible. I wrote a review and send it to the Reader, though I haven’t sent any music reviews in ages. I hope it gets published though a lot of girls are going to hate me because they are really popular.

I can’t remember what I did on Wednesday and Thursday but I am pretty sure I worked and then had fun.

Friday, I went to San Diego to pick-up my check that got delayed. I finally got to see the inside of the office. I got to talk to a co-worker who happens to be selling a Cannon 7D. So I will be getting a new camera for X-mas and he is letting me borrow a nice lens. I also went to a friend’s house, we jammed, we smoked and I might be joining his band in San Diego.

That same Friday, at night, I got paid in booze to shoot a party in Tinieblo Bar. I am so excited to join the photography world again, that I have been borrowing my roommates Rebel Xti. The pictures came out better than I expected despite having not awesome equipment. One of the DJs brought better equipment and a strobe that he let me borrow for a while which helped a lot.

Here is the album for that night:

On Saturday I had a show at the legendary Zacazonapan Bar. We opened the show and people left immediately. But after we were done I heard nothing but good comments of Donkichow! I stayed the whole night at the bar and… well… I got pretty drunk. At least I went home at a decent time and in one piece. I wanted to take a camera to the show and film the whole thing, but I am very glad I didn’t.

Sunday, I woke up feeling like shit (naturally), but I was still obsessing with taking pictures. I fought my hungover the best that I could and took my roommate’s camera to a Posada in Pasaje Rodriguez. Again, pictures could have been way better but I haven’t taken pictures in forever. It’s like I have been asleep from the photo world for the past 5 years. I convinced myself that my iPad was good enough to take pictures for my articles, which is not. It takes okay pictures, but never grand awesome pictures, for that I need a pro-SLR. I can’t wait to start shooting again.

The paparazzi job definitely took the joy of photography away from me. On my last year as a paparazzo I used to shoot with a Nikon D3 with a 70-200mm/2.8f. Pretty awesome gear, but that camera body was also the one that took the picture of Britney Spears shaving her head (and also her pussy). I never bought gear when I was working in LA, it was my boss’s old camera. A legendary camera that lived through the best years of the paparazzi.

Google trend actually shows that I lived in a golden age of paparazzism (I just made up that word). It was also when Lady Gaga came up with her paparazzi song. That job not only took the joy of photography, it also took the joy of a lot of movies since I can’t deal with movies with actors that were assholes to me. But I am ready to join back in the photography world (never the paparazzi business) and cash in with my pseudo-talent.

Soon I will have a better camera, getting a tripod and an off-camera flash (an off-camera shutter would be nice as well). But here are the pictures of Sunday night at Pasaje Rodriguez, with food from Voodoo Stu’s (some of the best I had all year) and more!

Finally. A celebrity that is not really a celebrity.

Antoine Dodson.
If you don’t know who that is, watch this:

That went viral, is on the Billboard Hot 100 List and sold thousands of copies on iTunes. So he was a celebrity for a very brief period and I got to take pictures of him. It was pretty dumb and there were a lot of cameras. It also happened at around midnight, which was way too late to go to LAX to take pictures of him. I don’t think I sold any of the pictures (video sold better), but here are some of my best frames.

The pictures were taken on October 20, 2010. Antoine was way gayer than I expected. I wonder what that dude is up to now…

MAT_6221 MAT_6255 MAT_6292 MAT_6301 MAT_6322  october 21 2010MAT_6334
Until next week! Which is after Christmas!!! WHOOO THE YEAR WENT BY REALLY FAST.

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