Happy/Sad Week – Border Matters – Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal

On Tuesday I woke up to great news that my article got accepted as a feature story (not yet published, but already paid). That night, friends from San Diego came over to do a photoshoot of Tropics bar. On Thursday a friend from my hometown arrived to Tijuana.

Friday I woke up sad because my editors forgot to send pay request which left me with almost no $$$. Sadness continued on Saturday, when I was going to see my exgirlfriend at a bar, but she ditched me. Sunday I had a classic Tijuana Adventure with my friend. We covered Plaza Fiesta, Nelson’s Bar, Zacasonapan, Nueva Pachanga, Hong Kong and Tropics in one wild drunken night. All through the week I worked on several articles.

The year is quickly coming to an end. It’s cold as fuck and I haven’t showered because I don’t have hot water. I accomplished some of the goals I set for myself, but still have to work more. Next year, I want to have my own paid column. I will be pitching the idea before the year ends and hopefully I will get a steady income. The tentative title would be Border Matters. Of course it will be about Tijuana life, news, border, beer, people, art, music, food and more.

This week will be a busy one. My friend wants to go to Los Angeles and I thought about going with her, but the lack of $$$ will keep me grounded. I will be accompanying her to San Diego to a show of the band The 1975. The few songs I have listened by them sound horrible…

I also have a double show coming up. On Saturday night my band, Donkichow, will be opening a show with La Receta de la Abuela, SD band and Some Kind of Lizard will be closing the show (and I am still subbing as their bass player). Donkichow is not on the flyer because I added them forcefully and nobody likes us anyway.


Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal

The first time I saw Diego Luna I was coming back from my first travel job. They sent me to Alabama with one of the best photographers I know for the oddest job. We followed French swimmer and celebrity Lauren Menaudou and her new boyfriend in Auburn University. On my way back from the job, I got drunk in the airplane. When the plane landed at LAX, I hurried to the bathroom. On my way out of the bathroom, I bumped unto Diego Luna going in. DIEGO! I shouted drunkenly out of excitement. Diego looked at me and said a shy “do I know you?” I just said I was a fan and left him alone. I didn’t take a picture or bothered him.

Years later, working with a different agency and a different and also great photographer, I spotted Diego hanging out with Gael and director Alfonso Cuarón at baggage claim. My friend didn’t know who they were, but I told him we should shoot it and that I wanted a picture with them. Cuarón was with his family, so we didn’t bother him.

When Diego and Gael collected their bags, it was work time. I greeted them in Spanish, said I was a huge fan and told them sorry, I had to work and take their pictures. They were lookig for the taxis, instead of having a limo like normal celebrities. I told them where to go and started taking pictures as they walked. They were cool at first, but then after the fifth picture Gael got pissy.

“Why do you keep taking pictures? You had enough,” Gael shouted at me in a challenging way. Again I said sorry, but it was my job. The other photographer started flashing as well for support. Gael then seemed like he wanted to fight me. I’m 6’4, was full of adrenaline and basically said bring it on to the little midget. This is when Diego jumped in and calmed the situation. Diego told Gael to cool it and smile for the pictures, after all, I was guiding them to the taxis. After a few more, I took my picture with them and stopped. The taxis had a waiting line of at least 20 people. I came up to them again and said “you guys are celebs, no need to wait.” I told them that I was going to flash more pictures and they can jump to the front. They appreciated the nifty little trick. Diego and Gael got in the same cab and I never saw them again.

The pictures are from October 10th, 2010… 10/10/10. My frames were horrible because I was arguing with Gael García, but my friend took better pictures. I look chubby in the pic for some reason and I am also wearing sandals. I miss that green hoodie :( RIP.


The arrived so confused…

MAT_5936 (1) MAT_5937 (1)

Gael got mad for taking more than just one picture. These after Diego calmed him down and I was showing them the way to the taxis.


MAT_5938 (1) MAT_5940 (1)

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