Hibernation Started – France – Marion Cotillard

A week has passed and I have nothing to show for it. I didn’t get published even once. That is because I didn’t even write one single article. I told myself that during weekdays I had to work at least on one a day. This last week I only took pictures for two I had in mind but didn’t do any work there after. And it is not like I was out partying. I simply have been sleeping, eating, listening to music, netflix and cuddling with my cat. I left my apartment a couple of times just for food and a couple of beers. I did almost nothing productive. It’s too cold, I’ve been in hibernation mode.

Despite having many ideas, they all seem to come to a halt. Suddenly the whole world revolves around the terrorist attacks in Paris. People are quick to make their opinions and blast them in social media, most posts are about themselves. My favorite status that everyone is sharing lately is asking people why do they care so much about Paris and fail to share or grasp all the horrible occurrences that happen elsewhere in the world on a daily basis. I feel like I need to give them a simple reason why.

Because Westerners (especially middle class) relate to the people in France and not with war-torn nations. I am not saying that I believe that someone’s life is more valuable than another, I am just acknowledging that I can relate to them easier and it makes it much more scary. If you haven’t seen the graphic videos or photos, those were just people my age enjoying a rock concert. No one imagined the horrible shit that happened that night.

Compared the Paris situation to people in the Middle East who live this horror on a daily basis (and a lot of other countries as well). I am not saying just because they are in that shit situation that they should get used to it, but it sure is a different context. The attacks happened in Paris. I have never visited the city, but I imagine is like any other developed city in the world. A safe bubble where horrible shit is not supposed to happen. Of course it is way more relatable and shocking than to find out that some country you never heard off got bombed. Again, not justifying the bombing, just trying to explain why some news matter and others go unseen.

Also, it matters more because I know people from Paris, who have visited Paris and who currently live in Paris. Again, not saying that one life has more value than another, but to my relatable context, I care much more for the city of Paris and the country of France than any other in the Middle East. Not because I care less does it mean that they should bomb it to the ground, I am just more likely to not pay attention.

I have had the fortune to host a couple people from France in Tijuana. With one of them I did an investigative video I shared here before:

The other was a really funny French guy who spent a week with me and had a blast the whole time. Here he is swallowing the worm from a mezcal bottle.

I am an open minded guy. I have met people from a lot of the parts of the world. But I have never met a Syrian. I haven’t even met anyone that has been to Syria. I barely even met Muslim guys. I have a white friend that lives in Saudi Arabia and from what he tells me, that place is insanely different.

I am always open to meet new people from anywhere, but I haven’t had the fortune to do so. Because of that, I am more inclined to read, comment, and share news that relate to me. Even change my fucking picture with France’s flag to show solidarity (I haven’t and I won’t, my French friends know I support them). I do not think French lives are more valuable, but I personally, give them more importance. Especially to a bunch of kids who went to a fucking concert. Knowing that could be me or any of my friends is the scary part. None of my friends are out in the middle of a civil war.

To close my commentary I would like to recommend a book by Havo Saleta:


My copy of the book that Savo gave to all the International graduates of my University and a must read. Click the image (or here) for Amazon link to buy the book!

This is a guy from Bosnia who lived through the civil war when he was a kid, saw a lot of violence, suffered hunger, but more importantly, learned to forgive his enemy. I went to college with Havo. We weren’t technically friends, more like acquaintances. I played soccer with him a few times, saw him in International student meetings and brush shoulders at Peace Studies classes. Savo went on to study at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in South Africa for a PhD on Post Conflict Development and Reconstruction.

Also, by my own rules I force myself on this blog, I am going to post about a celebrity. And what would be best but a French celebrity. I had photos of Johnny Hallyday, which would be most appropriate, but I could not find them. It made me realize that I am missing all my pictures from August 2009 to November… Big chunk of my paparazzi life. Also, almost all of 2007 and 2008 is lost. It wasn’t until 2010 I started to have an “organized” filing system for my pictures.

Anyway, here is Marion Cotillard. I remember seeing her more than twice and couldn’t only find this one set from July 13, 2010. I remember her not being that cool with the paparazzi, that that day, as soon as she got out of the car we started flashing her. Turns out, she checked in with her boyfriend and we had more than 20 minutes to shoot, which was good, cuz most of my flash photos were soft. Here is some frames out of a set of over 200 pictures.
july 13 2010MAT_5040
Flash pictures were a tad soft. Lucky for me, they took time to check-in and were in a great mood.


Some TSA bullshit.

MAT_5873 MAT_5880

And the obligatory TSA bullshit that no more than 3 oz of liquid can be in the same container. So tiny make-up and creams in a zip-lock and chug your motherfucker water cuz Marion Cotillard might be a terrorist.


Well, now that I emptied my thoughts on France and my inactive week, it is time to stop procrastinating and getting too work. I have a Tijuana Adventure coming up this Friday and more on the following weeks. I also have a lot of articles to write if I want to keep living my life of complete freedom.

*Posted two days late instead of a Monday because I am having trouble writing. See you next Monday.

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