Two Years of Cold Showers, Two Years with the SD Reader – Jane Krakowski

And just like that…. glorious summer days abruptly ended and the cold got here.

Given, it is not as cold as it was when I lived in Minnesota, but it is fucking cold for California. The worst part about it is that I DO NOT HAVE HOT WATER. I have been showering with cold water for approximately two years now. It’s fine during the summer and I get to save water, but fuck, on the winter, just fuck.

The days are way short, it is time to hibernate. Because of daylight savings time, it gets dark by 5:00 pm. All I want to do is stay in bed and binge watch Netflix. And that is what I did this weekend. I went out on Friday, lost in the casino, spent a bunch of money as if I was rich and got home before midnight. Saturday and Sunday I spent them in the couch without showering because of the cold water.

I did work through the week. I actually did more work than usual and FOR FREE. I helped my brother work on a screen printing order of 100 shirts and 100 hoodies. I was with him all of Wednesday in San Diego helping him with whatever he needed. Almost 7 hours of work straight and he realized he had fucked the logo on the order. All the work was wasted. We had to do the whole order again on Thursday, this time with the right logo.

I had time to create a poster for a tour with TijuanaAdventure with a Halloween picture. But I haven’t advertised the tour or tried to get customers. Because the cold came out of nowhere, I am not even sure people would come to Tijuana. Here is the poster:
2015-11-04 13.14.47

I also manage to get published thrice this past week. The pictures that I took in Halloween I spun into a neat story. Wrote a story about a mural that appear on the border wall that reads RAPE TRUMP. And I wrote my bitchiest restaurant review ever (I held back, could have been worse).

Today is also the day I first got published by the San Diego Reader. It has been 2 years since I started submitting random stuff and getting paid. Now it seems so routine, its awesome and I must keep doing it. I always wanted to be a dick restaurant reviewer, hopefully someday a mouse will serve me Ratatouille and I’ll meet Patton Oswalt and he will tell me funny jokes about how life is a shit pile of goo.


So I’ve binge watched Aziz Ansari’s new show, which was great. It was Aziz version of Louie, which makes it more relatable to my generation since I don’t have two daughters and I do a lot of online thingys. The only thing I did not like about the show is that Aziz seems to have forgotten that Hispanic people are also a minority that often gets stereotyped. He represents all other minorities (especially his own), but there was no one latino character on the show. Oh well.

I never saw Aziz Ansari (that I remember). But I did saw Jane Krakowski a bunch. How is this related? It isn’t. The Netflix series I am watching now is The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It’s alright. Not binge watch worthy but pretty entertaining. Jane Krakowski always plays the dumb rich white girl in everything I’ve seen her (uhh… 30 Rock and this).

I have several sets of Jane Krakowski, but they pretty much all look the same, so not many pictures in this post!
These are from January 24, 2010 at LAX.

jan 24 2010 b (1)

jan 24 2010 (1)
June 19, 2010. Pretty basic celebrity shooting.

june 19 2010 (1)

January 17, 2011.

jan 17 2011 (1)
And that is Jane Krakowski and what happened with my life this past week. Jane was cool. Her acting is  ok. Not much to say except I was just watching Netflix and she was on it. Cool story bruh.

If you are not sure what the point of this blog is, neither do I. The point is to get my week started and get work going. At least I accomplished something today. I wrote on my own blog and I showered! (I also cooked and ate and awesome breakfast). Until next week!


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