Worst Week is Followed by Best Week – Tijuana Rumble Fest 2 – Michael J Fox

I did not post on Monday. I am posting late again. It might seemed like I did it on purpose to go with the B2TF theme, but it was more because I was enjoying myself too much and procrastinating is my favorite activity.

Last week, I felt miserable. I had worked a lot and didn’t see the fruit of my labor. On Tuesday I finally got published on a story I don’t really want to comment on. I was still worried about money that I started looking for jobs and created a resume. Then on Thursday payment confirmation came for a story 3,000 words long. They haven’t published it, but I got paid. This is the second time this happens. Then, because I have money, I get lazy and all I do is eat and drink fine foods. Seriously, take a look at my instagram. Most my posts are food, beer or my cat.
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Also, getting published about food is nice.
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On Saturday, I wanted to celebrate that I got paid, but didn’t feel like going out. I got bored and ended up writing an article.

The big announcement. Tijuana Rumble Fest 2 is happening. I am not a part of it like I was last year. I still have shirts for those who want them.
12107895_10100235164446295_5530154495420296044_n – Last year shirts.

I didn’t have a saying in the line-up. Well, I didn’t have a saying in anything. But this was my choosing. Last year, organizing Tijuana Rumble Fest was the toughest thing I’ve done in my life and I ended up losing money. This time I decided to step away. It didn’t happen in the summer like last year, but it is finally happening on the winter.

Location also changed. This time it will be in downtown Tijuana. This will save a lot of problems.

Line-up is much smaller, so schedule shouldn’t be that tight.

It should be one of the funnest days of the year. A lot of rock&roll. I will make an event with Tijuana Adventure to get more people there. I am positive the word will get spread fast. Tijuana Rumble Fest 2 will happen.


This is last year’s promo:

Now that I am done procrastinating, I have a lot of work to do ahead. But it’s so difficult to push myself to work when I have money to just go out and eat. It is so tempting to go for some nice food and a brew right now.

Time goes fast, and if I continue being lazy, I will be out of money before I know it and broke again. Before I go back to that cycle, I will send 3 more articles before pay cut next week. I also should be doing more tours, but time goes fast. I created a poster for a tour on Saturday, never post it because Saturday came along.
2015-10-14 13.41.55
If this is something you would like to do, click on the poster, talk to me through a website and lets go on a Tijuana Adventure!

Now, to ride the Michael J. Fox train and that today is the date on Back to The Future. I did see the Marty McFly once on December 12, 2009. I actually saw his whole family (the real one). They flew in to LAX to go to Disneyland or something like that. From what I remember, the family and himself were extremely nice to the few photographers that were there.

MAT_6947 2 MAT_6956 2 MAT_9769 MAT_9772


I think I like posting in color better now. What do you think? This is my 49th post! Next week will be 50th, which means I posted 50 sets of more of different celebrities I shot. How many more do you think are left? To be honest, I could probably post every week for the next ten years and still haven’t run out of pictures.

Now, I have to come back to the future and do some real work? Like my lame joke? Neither did I.

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