October Starts The Right Way – Shit Tons of Pictures of Demi Lovato and Look! COLOR!

October started the right way. I got published three times already and it’s only the 5th. I am also writing this on early afternoon on a Monday instead of my drunken ramble at midnight of how things are going. Also, instead of keeping it simple and choosing a celebrity that I only saw once or twice, I chose Demi Lovato, who I saw a lot.

The week went by fast. Not only did I get published three times, I also worked on my longest article yet. I just sent it in. It’s going to take a couple of days (maybe even weeks) to hear back and know if it got accepted or if I failed. But either or, I am inspired to keep on writing throughout the next couple of weeks to get to that luscious $$$$$.

Speaking of which, I am still pseudo-broke. I will be paying rent a couple days late this month. A last minute tour I organized through Tijuana Adventure rescued my weekend from not having any spending cash. I made $100 and got to hang out with three young Canadians in vacation who had a strong desire to party. In the process of partying I manage to spend half of what I have earned… I took Friday off to just recover from the previous wild night (more about it in my other blog).


^Drinking with the Canadians at Cervecería Fauna! (Which I also reviewed and one of my favorite spots).

If you want to visit Tijuana and drink beer with me, book a tour through Tijuana Adventure.

Here are links to my articles on the San Diego Reader:



Fun fact: both food reviews mention gnomes.

Demi Lovato.

Apparently she is in the news because she got naked. And not because her pictures got leaked, but because she posed for Vanity Fair. Demi Lovato nude, click here. She looks real, she was always real, never really heard any of her music. That’s what she does, right? Music?

I saw her a lot and she was always a sweetheart. I only have pictures of her at LAX, but I am sure I saw her in the street as well.

The first time I saw her, I had no idea who she was. She was 17 years-old, I was a 23 year-old paparazzo sent on a job at LAX. Demi was wearing AC/DC shirt and flashed me a smile. She was one of my favorite celebrities to take pictures of since that day.
 March 6, 2009.

This picture is of Dallas Lovato….
I was supposed to be training a new paparazzo, who was a guy that was weird as fuck. We followed the Lovato family believing that Demi was in the car. I remember pulling next to them on a red light and realizing Demi wasn’t in the car. Nutjob noob wanted to follow anyway just to make sure. Dallas Lovato came out on her way to an audition, we took pictures though she is not famous. I told the noob that the job was over that we should go find a better story, but he insisted on following them. That’s why I have a folder of pictures of Dallas Lovato.
dallas jul 18 200 July 18, 2009.

Don’t remember this set at all, so… uhh… no comment. Here is Demi Lovato departing LAX on December 18, 2009:
demi dic fla  demi dic 18 09demi dic

Pictures of her arriving at LAX on January 3rd, 2010. Again, barely have memory of this set, but I know she was nice to me, you can clearly see her smiling at waving at the camera.
jan 3 flash
jan 3 2010
jan 3 2010 hi

Then some pictures of her departing on January 23, 2010.
jan 23 10
jan 23 100

On her arrival flight the next week, January 29, there were many paparazzi there as well as autographers.
jan 29 10
jan 29 100
Some pictures of her looking cute on March 6, 2010.
mar 6 10 flash
march 6 10

So, I never posted pictures in color because I’d figured if I post them on B&W and over-edited, then people can’t use them (without ruining them with a watermark). But fuck it. These pictures look better in color and it’s not like I care if people replicate the pictures I took without my permission (if you do, credit at least please). These pictures are from May 30, 2010.
may 30 tsa

may 30
may 30 10 pos
 This picture was the one that made me decide to post color. Demi is just entering her car, but it looks like she is posing with a mirror on a photoshoot. I loved taking the reflection picture, even if they never really sold.

On June 14, 2010, her whole family flew to Cabo. And there are pictures of both the departures and the arrivals. Again, all pleasant shoots.
june 14 10 june 14 ton

The pictures of her arrival the following week on, June 19. I decided to post them in color, because look, a pretty dress!
june 19 fam
june 19 2010 fam
june 19 sm
june 19 2010

I don’t remember this night, but the pictures show that there were a lot of paparazzi in the scene and that Demi wasn’t happy. She covered her face and didn’t allow pictures, also, apparently her foot was broken. March 3, 2011.
mar 3 c
mar 3 11 cover
And to end the Demi Lovato extravaganza with color, the final set. These were taken on March 10, 2011, a few months before I quit my job. I should have taken my picture with Demi, she was always so nice that I know she would have said yes.
mar 10 11 glow – Overexposed, but I like the glow of the sun.
mar 10 11 tsa – I have no idea who her hot friend is.

Here are all the screencaps I have of my pictures being used in magazines/blogs.
Demi Lovato People 2 Demi Lovato People Demi Lovato Peopla LAX Demi Lovato JJr 3-7-09 Demi Lovato JJr 2 Demi Lovato JJr

Until next week.

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