A pile of work, a pile of laundry – There is no justice like Victoria Justice

Though I work all of last week, it made no difference in my $$$$ situation.

Of course I could have worked way more, but I can’t stop playing Diablo 3.

I did work a lot, though cleaning your apartment doesn’t pay. And if it did pay, I am not that good of a cleaner. I didn’t even clean it all, I usually clean by sections every week. I vacuum the living room, next week I re-organize my bedroom, then clean the kitchen and eventually do the bathroom. I cleaned the bathroom this week, the tile looks extra clean and the toilet extra white. All this work however is pointless to my finances. Sure my living space looks better and this is good for a general attitude, hooray! I don’t live in a shithole, but it sure could be better. A pile of dirty laundry sits nearby me, sigh, it seems like life is about constant cleaning. Change or repetition, they are the same, they are completely different.

I also have a lot of work piled up. An article that should have been an easy news story turned out to be a much larger idea. I spent all last week doing field research, for something that at the end might get rejected. Maybe the investment will pay larger in the long run, but then I’ll get stuck in that loop again of feeling poor and not eating well, to feeling rich and wasting all my money so I end up poor again. No matter how much I decide to “work” it still not be just.

Maybe it is time for a new job. It is the season to be another retail slave and get my minimum wage salary going. After all, I do have a SENTRI card and I could cross the border to work for what Mexican workers only dream of. Border life surely is strange, but I am never going back to LA.

It is late, I am tired and there is much to do, this post didn’t make much sense…. and some Diablo 3 to be played. Again I post after midnight of a Monday, so might as well say I’ll post every Tuesday before dawn instead of the weekly Monday. Or maybe I should start writing on Sunday night, editing Monday morning and posting at an appropriate time. Expect a post next week, recommend a celebrity, I took pictures of a lot.

Here are some Victoria Justice pictures.

I chose her, because I only saw her once so I don’t have to edit that many pictures. I had no idea who she was, but I ended up getting a great set. I actually had to zoom in one of the pictures to read her ID and find out who she was. I just thought “beautiful girl, she must be a celebrity.” I was right.

These pictures of Victoria Justice were taken on September 20th, 2010 at LAX. I also saw Jennifer Connelly that day and posted about it. Tori Spelling and Miranda Cosgrove were the other celebrities I spotted, only four that day, the average was around seven.

One of the first pictures of the set, didn’t even know who she was. Zoomed into her college ID and saw her name, also a picture of her roaring at the camera (zoom in, it’s very cute).
Uh oh! She realizes there is someone taking pictures and she is wearing no make-up.
It is all good, she is being flirtatious with me and she goes through TSA.
They are just like Us! Shitty Us magazine loved the pictures of celebrities taking their shoes off.
And then, she does this. I was the only one there taking pictures. I had no idea who she was, kind of don’t still. Sure some Nickelodeon celebrity/now singer, I know how to google, I just never really seen her in anything. But anyway, Victoria Justice, you were awesome and it was a really fun shoot.

A long week of work and figuring out more work is ahead of me. Then a couple of weeks of being broke. After that, hopefully I’ll have some money or a new job. In the meantime I’ll posting about those times I took pictures of celebrities for money.

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