Mehh Tolerance Break Sort of Fail – I am taller than Batman! Christian Bale

My tolerance break wasn’t much of a break. I didn’t really stop smoking, I did however slowed it down a lot and did go a couple of days without smoking at all.  I noticed a few differences, both positive and negative, but more than anything, negative.

Positive things: I was a tad more productive. I didn’t spend much money, but that was mainly influenced because I am also broke.

Negative things: If I am normally a dick, I was more of an irritable dick than ever. Things pissed me the fuck off. Seriously. I fucking hated everyone and everything. Boredom was more prevalent and I wasn’t inspired to do anything. Also, food sucks when not high. Nothing is as delicious as it usually is, my appetite is for the most part is completely gone. I also drank more than usual with less of the effect. I actually was getting angry drunk, which I am usually not, I am usually a horny drunk.

So in general, tolerance break was a failure. Like I said, I was a tad more productive and I got published 3 times with one article pending. Here, read some of the things I actually get paid to write.

Click on a pic:
Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.47.12 PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.47.22 PM
I realized I only linked you to two articles instead of three. That’s because sometimes I don’t like my name on my articles so they remain hidden to protect my identity. I actually don’t care, but my roommate gets concerned about me getting kidnapped/murdered. And Tijuana is getting a bit crazy (making me think I should move back to the USA).

Speaking of Tijuana, I need to start pushing my tours way more. That I designed a simple poster. It needs improvement and I will be printing out flyers/posters to make my tours grow. I have a tour planned for September 26th as a test drive and I invited redditors. Here is the idea of the poster, but it still needs to get better, with a QR code and more information.

Beer tour

If you want to beer hop with me and party in Tijuana, check out my tours at or send me an email through here.

I still need more work and more money. I even applied for a different job as a tour guide, but got completely ignored :(

I didn’t get paid last week like I was hoping, so I remain broke. I sent an email to finances and to my editors to get a check before payday, so at least I’ll get paid a reasonable amount this Friday. I have from today until next Tuesday to get work done, get published and make enough money for rent.

I might have to look for a real job soon, since many times I have writer’s block and I run out of ideas. I actually wanted to work on a story this morning, but I woke up with horrible stomach pains. So I called a day off for myself. I didn’t start feeling better until around 8 p.m. I made coffee around 10 p.m. and now I am writing this. My work week official starts now.

Anyway, TO THE CELEBRITY! Here are pictures of Batman, just because my roommate told me he likes Christian Bale. I saw Mr. Bale a few times, but my hard drive only has two folders. What I vividly remember is one time I was taking pictures of Bale at LAX and an older woman came at me and asked me who I was taking pictures of. When I told her, and I said ITS MOTHER FUCKING BATMAN OVER THERE, she replied by saying “What?! That’s not Christian Bale! He is so tiny, Batman is supposed to be gigantic.” (Those weren’t direct quotes, but what my memory of what the chick said).

Yes you dumbfucks, celebrities look different in person (was my usual thought). Christian Bale is not tiny, he is actually 6’0, but I guess that’s not big enough for Batman (HAH! I am taller than Batman!) There is probably nothing more irritable to the paparazzi than civilians stopping you and asking who you are taking pictures off. LOOK AT WHERE MY FUCKING CAMERA IS POINTING AND FUCKING FIGURE IT OUT. IF YOU DON’T RECOGNIZE THEM IT MEANS YOU DONT KNOW WHO THEY ARE SO YOU DON’T REALLY CARE. And after you tell them who they are, they scoff and say “HA! That’s not even a celebrity you dumb paparazzi.” This happened way more often than you think.

At first, I could only find only one folder of Christian Bale, but then I searched for Batman and BAM! Pics of Bale with his wife and daughter, Aaron Ekchart and other cast from The Dark Knight arriving at LAX at Tom Brady International. As they were arriving, there was an earthquake in Los Angeles. Because of the paparazzi action, I did not feel shit. It was until after the shoot that I looked around and everyone was surprised that the whole airport shook for 10 seconds.

These pictures are from July 29, 2008:
july 29 2008 july 29 20o8

These other pictures are from May 24, 2009. Again, Christian Bale with his family. And check it out! My brother is on the background (one of my top 10 photographers of all time and the one that taught me most of my camera work). But of course he acts like an older brother so for the most he scoffed my way.

may 24 20o9  may 24 famimay 24 2009 st

There you have kids! Batman and his family! They were all pretty nice. I remember seeing him other times and still being super chill.

BAM! and I actually posted on a Monday. Fuck… 22 minutes late. It is now Tuesday. I was late on my blog, but it is not like I pull that much traffic on my weekly blargle for anyone to notice or care. But I have an excuse, the chick I have been seeing called me on the phone. If she only knew how much I hate the phone she would appreciate that I talked to her for like 2 hours, making me late on my blog. I hate liking her. Especially because I see drama unfolding in front of my eyes and there is nothing I can do to stop it. Romance is fucking silly.

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