The Procrastination Station – Tommy Chong & Cheech Marin

It was going to happen eventually. Last blog post I was late a couple of days. Then I skipped posting for one week and I am finally posting now. I wasn’t that busy or anything, I haven’t been doing much but smoking, playing video games and watching Getting Doug With High.

I actually started writing the blog post last Monday, but it was all about how I had writer’s block and that I couldn’t find the pictures of Doug Benson that I took. I saw Doug Benson once at LAX coming from a flight in Air Canada, he was with Brian Posehn. They both looked at me weird for taking their pictures as if they were real celebrities (I was most likely waiting for someone better).

I haven’t been working, my profile on the magazine shows that my last article was on August 7th, a month ago. All I’ve done is watch Getting Doug With High and play video games. At least Donkichow (my mathrock band) played another show in San Diego (at The Hideout) and another video was uploaded thanks to our one fan, Kevin.

I wrote this song eight years ago for my college senior recital and now I am playing it with my band:

The band seems to be growing, we plan to do some recordings soon and hopefully by next year will do a West Coast tour.

The story that I got paid for two weeks ago (and the most I’ve gotten paid for one article) hasn’t been published yet. But I have spent most of the money, so it is time to start working again. Though no much action has happened, this week and the next will be all work. Few articles are in my mind and I will write them without fear of rejection (and if they do, fuck it, learning process).

It seems like my life is like it was eight years ago when I was a senior in college. I procrastinate a lot, party often, work on my essays whenever I feel like it and still get A on my classes. Except I don’t go to class, instead I write for a magazine and write on my blog/journal every Monday.

I haven’t been doing much tours with TijuanaAdventure, I’ve actually been ignoring emails. Like I said before, I never really wanted to be a tour guide, it just kinda happened. I thoroughly enjoy giving tours and I have met a lot of wonderful people, but I am so awkward at charging money for just being me that I don’t accept just anyone on my tours. With that in mind, I am aware that it is where the money is, so I will start setting more tours so I can buy new guitars (and a car).

Anyway, in honor for me being a grand stoner procrastinator and because I’ve been watching a lot of Getting Doug With High and couldn’t find my Doug Benson pictures, here is something way better. Tommy Chong and Cheech Marin. I never saw them together, but did see them with their wives. Tommy’s wife is insanely hot and they are both the nicest people ever. Cheech is also cool as hell, but you can tell he doesn’t enjoy the spotlight as much.

Cheech and Chong are hilarious on their episode, except that Chong didn’t even smoke :(

I think I saw them more times than my hard drive tells me. According to my pictures, the first time I saw Cheech was on August 8th 2009, which according to wikipedia is their wedding date. I believe they were on their way to their honeymoon and a TMZ cameraman asked Cheech if Chong gave him anything for the wedding. Cheech replied that one huge blunt.

Anyway, pictures of Cheech with his wife Natasha Rubin:

Here are some pictures of Tommy Chong and his wife, Shelby. First picture is them departing on American Airlines on November 4, 2009. The second is them departing United Airlines November 22, 2009 (Shelby not pictured). And the third is them departing on March 3rd, 2010 from Delta terminal 5.

Lastly, I have a picture of one lonely Cheech Marin. I have no recollection of this event and I am sure I was waiting on something more important, since I only took 10 pictures and left him alone.

Until next week, when hopefully my article will finally be published for me to show it off. Also, all the other articles I am working on STARTING NOW, should be published.

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