I suck at the waiting game – Haylie Duff – Scarlett Johansson – Jennifer Connelly

I suck at the waiting game and that is where I am right now with several things in my life.

This last week was busy but not productive. I did not do much on the only thing that pays me, writing news stories. Instead I made an event on Tuesday for a band in Chicago at Mamut Brewery. Since it was a Tuesday, I didn’t go all out in the effort to do the show, but I did book several bands and played guitar myself. It turned out very awesome for a Tuesday night.

I started with classical guitar, my roommate and his ether-folk project “GravyyRiver” followed, then the 1MFS (one-man-freak-show), the guest band from Chicago, Zigtebra, brought down the house and  it ended with Sake Padrino, local jazz rockers. I have had Zigtebra’s single in my head since then and I am not the type that listens to a lot of pop. The pair of half-brother and sister remind me of She&Him, except fresher. They are on tour right now, check them out, here’s their single:

The show was followed by a party that didn’t really end until Wednesday. I did nothing that day but tried to sleep.

Thursday and Friday I actually did work on writing… work that might turn out to be a waste. I also went to the dentist on Friday, where I was a very impatient patient, I fucking hate waiting and the dentist (though she is a fucking babe). I sent in the article on Saturday and since then every email I get fakes me out thinking it might be the email of acceptance or rejection, but nah, mostly spam. Actually, almost every time I hear an email ring on my iPad, I think its work related, it almost never is.

On Saturday I also played a show, not solo, but with my mathrock band Donkichow. The show was at a venue called 1250, we opened for bands Heroin,  The Soaks and Sociedad Secreta del Vació. We received a bunch of positive feedback, so we are sounding better. Donkichow has a show in San Diego at the Kensington Club on August 22nd, with Pruitt Igoe, Fistfights With Wolves and Badabing.

Donkichow midshow - Picture by Karenyna
Donkichow midshow – Picture by Karenyna

Sunday was family time.

Monday, I did not post on my blog again, missing my own deadline. Monday disappeared. Monday was just waiting and nothing. It wasn’t until this Tuesday morning that I receive a work email and it like reactivated me. The article is probably going to get rejected. I don’t have anything to send, but much work to do. I have no TJ adventures set up and I am broke as fuck. It seems bad, but now I am forced to work, save money, not drink and be productive.

I suck at waiting.
I think that is why I decided to work at LAX instead of stalking celebrities from their home. I did that a lot as well, but it got me impatient that I would move from house to house. Sitting in your car waiting for someone to come out and then follow is annoying as fuck.

I have many memories of following celebrities down the streets of Los Angeles. I chased Jennifer Aniston from her Hollywood home all the way to Malibu with around 15 cars following as well, just for no one to get pictures. I didn’t do many chases with a lot of paps on my tail, but it did happen. That was probably the shittiest job ever and it fucking sucks to wait and at the end getting nothing. LAX tended to be a safer bet, and I should start working on safe bets instead of trying to go big.

Instead of waiting in just one person’s house, I would drive from celeb house to celeb house. Especially in the Burbank area, where many of the Disney celebrities lived almost next to each other. So I present to you, the shitty celebrity of the week: Haylie Duff.
Haylie Duff Jan 14 2009

This picture was taken on January 14, 2009 and it surprisingly sold to US Magazine, you know… “they are just like us!” Haylie used to live almost next to Ashley Tisdale, who in turn lived closed to Hilary Duff and around the corner Jennifer Love Hewitt (and so on and on). So I was simply driving around the block when I spotted her bringing her garbage cans in, just parked in the middle of the street and took pictures. Apparently some other Brazilian was nearby and got mad that I blocked him.

I am open for recommendations of posting celebrities that I have on my hard drive, this week’s recommendation comes from The Lesbian Vegan (I am just going to call her that, it would make an awesome blog). She suggested Scarlett Johansson, and many others have asked me about her before. Scarlett is not a fan of the paps, so she is very difficult to take pictures off. I only saw her one time and was as sneaky as I could until she saw me. These pictures are from March 22nd, 2009.

I also asked my roommate who would be good to post and he said Jennifer Connelly. Another celebrity that is not a fan of the paps… So in this occasion, I hid in the parking lot with my long lens to avoid any confrontation. Jennifer and her husband, Paul Bettany, arrived together on September 20, 2010 and I believe they spotted me right away….
Jen Con paul September 20 2010 Jen Con paaa Sept 20 2010
If you have any celebrity requests, just let me know and I’ll dig up my hard drive, edit pictures and tell stories of my experiences with them.

Until next week and I am positive that I will be talking about getting published because I HAVE A LOT OF WORK TO DO NOW! Oh yeah.. and about Donkichow’s first show in San Diego.

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